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Lab – Install the Power Supply (Answers Version)

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In this lab, you will install a power supply in a computer case.

Recommended Equipment

  • Power supply with a compatible form factor to the computer case
  • Computer case
  • Tool kit
  • Power supply screws


Step 1:Open the Computer Case.

a:Remove the screws from the side panels.

b:Remove the side panels from the computer case.

Step 2:Install the Power Supply.

a:Align the screw holes in the power supply with the screw holes in the case.

b:Secure the power supply to the case with the power supply screws.

c:If the power supply has a voltage selection switch, set this switch to match the voltage in your area.


What is the voltage in your area?

Answers may vary. Either 110/115v or 220/230v.

How many screws secure the power supply in the case?

Answers may vary. Usually 4.

What is the total wattage of the power supply?

Answers may vary.

d:This lab is complete. Please ask the Answers to verify your work.

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