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Lab – Research Laptop RAM (Answers Version)

In this lab, you will use the Internet, newspaper, or a local store to gather information about expansion memory for a laptop.

Answers Note: You may choose another laptop to research. The answers below are specific Lenovo T440p.

  1. Research the manufacturer specifications for the memory in a laptop. List the specifications in the table below:
    Memory Specifications Laptop Expansion Memory
    Form Factor SODIMM
    Type DDR3
    Size (GB) 16 GB maximum
    Manufacturer Lenovo
    Speed 1600 MHz
    Slots 2
  2. Shop around, and in the table below list the features and costs for expansion memory for a laptop.
    Memory Specifications Expansion Memory
    Form Factor SODIMM
    Type DDR3
    Size (GB) 8 GB
    Manufacturer Kingston
    Speed 1600 MHz
    Retail Cost $50
  3. In your research, did you find any reason to select a particular type of expansion memory over another?_______________________________________________________________________________________
    Answers will vary based on price, warranty, and preference.
  4. Is the new expansion memory compatible with the existing memory installed in the laptop? Why is this important?_______________________________________________________________________________________
    Yes. If the expansion memory speed is less than the manufacturer’s specifications, the laptop may not work at its optimal performance, and may crash the system.
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