A company has a guest wireless network available for visitors while on the company premises. A technician has noted that unauthorized users are connecting to this wireless network from outside the premises. Which action can be taken to reduce unauthorized connections to the guest wireless network while enabling visitors to still connect quickly and easily without assistance while on the company premises?

  • Disable SSID broadcast.
  • Enable MAC address filtering.
  • Configure WPA encryption.
  • Reduce the radio power level.
Explanation & Hint:

Reducing the transmitted radio power to a level that gives network coverage only within the company premises will enable authorized visitors to continue to connect to the guest network connect quickly and easily without assistance, but prevent connection from outside the premises. Enabling MAC address filtering, configuring WPA encryption, and disabling SSID broadcast will prevent unauthorized access to the network. However, these actions will also make it more difficult for visitors to connect when the requirement is for quick and easy access without assistance.

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