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A company is considering updating the campus WAN connection. Which two WAN options are examples of the private WAN architecture? (Choose two.)

  • municipal Wi-Fi
  • digital subscriber line
  • Ethernet WAN
  • leased line
  • cable
Explanation & Hint:

Private WAN architecture refers to dedicated connections that are not shared with other customers, providing more control and security for the company using them. Among the options provided, the two that are examples of private WAN architecture are:

  1. Ethernet WAN – This can refer to dedicated metropolitan Ethernet, which is a private data connection securely linking two or more locations for private data services.
  2. Leased line – A leased line is a private high-capacity telecom line that provides dedicated, point-to-point, and continuous connection between two sites.

Other options like municipal Wi-Fi, digital subscriber line (DSL), and cable are typically considered shared public WAN connections because the infrastructure is shared among multiple customers.

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