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A cybersecurity analyst is using the macof tool to evaluate configurations of switches deployed in the backbone network of an organization. Which type of LAN attack is the analyst targeting during this evaluation?

  • VLAN double-tagging
  • MAC address table overflow
  • VLAN hopping
  • DHCP spoofing
Explanation & Hint:

The macof tool is used for MAC address table overflow attacks. This tool floods the switch with a large number of Ethernet frames, each with different MAC addresses. The goal is to overflow the switch’s MAC address table, causing the switch to enter a state where it behaves like a hub. This means the switch would start broadcasting all incoming packets to all ports because it cannot determine which port to send the packet to based on the MAC address. As a result, an attacker could potentially capture traffic not intended for their access, which could lead to information disclosure.

So, the type of LAN attack the analyst is targeting during this evaluation with the macof tool is MAC address table overflow.

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