A manager works remotely and needs to access classified information on the web servers within the company head office. What type of server uses the secure HTTP (HTTPS) for exchanging text, graphic images, sound, and video on the web.

  • web server
  • print server
  • DNS server
  • FTP server
Explanation & Hint:

The type of server that the manager would need to access classified information securely, using HTTPS (Secure HTTP) for exchanging text, graphic images, sound, and video on the web, is a Web Server.

HTTPS is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with added security capabilities. It is used for secure communication over a computer network within a web browser, ensuring that the data exchanged between the browser and the server is encrypted and secure. This is particularly important for transferring sensitive or classified information, as in the scenario you described.

Here’s a brief overview of the other server types:

  • Print Server: A print server manages print requests within a network, handling the connections to printers. It does not use HTTPS as it is not involved in web-based data exchange.
  • DNS Server (Domain Name System server): A DNS server translates domain names into IP addresses. While it is a crucial component of web browsing, it does not itself host or serve web content and does not use HTTPS for secure transactions.
  • FTP Server (File Transfer Protocol server): An FTP server is used for storing and transferring files. While there is a secure version known as FTPS (FTP Secure), this is different from HTTPS and is typically used for file transfers rather than viewing web content.

In the context of your scenario, a web server using HTTPS is the appropriate choice for securely accessing and exchanging various types of web content, including classified information.

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