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A network administrator is configuring IPv6 route summarization on a BGP router. The objective is to aggregate the IPv6 networks from 2001:db8:0:0::/64 to 2001:db8:0:35::/64 into a single summary route. Which aggregation command should be used for the task?

  • aggregate-address 2001:db8::/60 summary-only
  • aggregate-address 2001:db8::/61 summary-only
  • aggregate-address 2001:db8::/58 summary-only
  • aggregate-address 2001:db8::/59 summary-only
Answers Explanation & Hints:

The fourth hexadecimal of the IPv6 network 2001:db8:0:35::/64 is 0x35 that is equivalent to binary notation of 00110101. Thus 6 bits is the least needed for the purpose of route summarization.

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