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A network administrator is connecting two modern switches using a straight-through cable. The switches are new and have never been configured. Which three statements are correct about the final result of the connection? (Choose three.)

  • The link between the switches will work at the fastest speed that is supported by both switches.
  • The link between switches will work as full-duplex.
  • If both switches support different speeds, they will each work at their own fastest speed.
  • The auto-MDIX feature will configure the interfaces eliminating the need for a crossover cable.
  • The connection will not be possible unless the administrator changes the cable to a crossover cable.
  • The duplex capability has to be manually configured because it cannot be negotiated.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

Modern switches can negotiate to work in full-duplex mode if both switches are capable. They will negotiate to work using the fastest possible speed and the auto-MDIX feature is enabled by default, so a cable change is not needed.

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