A network analyst is setting up a server that uses a store-and-forward method of sending, storing, and retrieving electronic messages across a network. What type of server is the analyst setting up?

  • email server
  • FTP server
  • print server
  • web server
Explanation & Hint:

The network analyst is setting up an Email Server. An email server uses a store-and-forward method to handle electronic messages. This process involves receiving emails, storing them, and then forwarding them to the intended recipient when they are available to receive the email. This type of server manages the sending, receiving, and storing of email messages over a network.

To clarify why the other options do not fit this description:

  • FTP Server (File Transfer Protocol server): An FTP server is used for the storage and transfer of files between systems, but it does not use a store-and-forward method. It is primarily for direct file transfers.
  • Print Server: A print server manages the printing process within a network, handling print jobs sent to networked printers. It does not use store-and-forward for emails or messages.
  • Web Server: A web server hosts and serves web content (like websites). It does not handle emails or use a store-and-forward method for messages.

Email servers uniquely fit the description of using a store-and-forward method for handling electronic messages.

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