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A network manager wants to determine the size of the Cisco IOS image file on the networking device. What command should the administrator use on a Cisco router?

  • show flash:0
  • copy flash: tftp:
  • config-register 0x2102
  • confreg 0x2142
Explanation & Hint:

To determine the size of the Cisco IOS image file on a networking device, the network manager should use the command:

show flash:0

This command displays detailed information about the contents of the router’s flash memory, including the size of each file stored in flash, which includes the Cisco IOS image file. It is the appropriate command for checking file sizes and other attributes of files in the flash memory.

Here’s a brief explanation of the other commands:

  • copy flash: tftp:: This command is used to copy files from the router’s flash memory to a TFTP server. While it’s related to managing files in flash, it doesn’t display file sizes.
  • config-register 0x2102: This command sets the configuration register value to 0x2102, which is the default setting that tells the router to load the startup configuration from NVRAM during bootup. It’s unrelated to checking file sizes.
  • confreg 0x2142: This command is used to set the configuration register value to 0x2142, typically for password recovery purposes, as it instructs the router to bypass the startup configuration on next boot. It’s not used for viewing file information.

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