A receptionist is complaining about the following printer issue: The print queue seems to be functioning properly, but the printer does not print. What are two possible causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

  • There is a bad cable connection.
  • The printer has an error such as out of paper, out of toner, or paper jam.
  • The print queue is overloaded.
  • The printer does not have enough RAM.
  • The printer lid has not been closed securely.
Explanation & Hint:

For the issue described where the print queue seems to be functioning properly, but the printer does not print, two possible causes could be:

  1. There is a Bad Cable Connection: This is a common issue that can disrupt communication between the computer and the printer. If the cable connection is loose, damaged, or not properly connected, the printer might appear ready in the print queue but fail to receive or process the print command. Checking and securing the cable connections, or replacing a faulty cable, can resolve this issue.
  2. The Printer has an Error such as Out of Paper, Out of Toner, or Paper Jam: Printers often fail to start printing if there are operational issues like being out of paper, out of toner, or having a paper jam. These errors might not always be communicated back to the print queue on the computer, leading to a situation where the job appears ready to print but the printer remains inactive. Checking the printer for these common issues and resolving them (by adding paper, replacing toner, or clearing a jam) can solve the problem.

The other options, such as an overloaded print queue or the printer not having enough RAM, are less likely in this scenario given the symptoms described. An overloaded print queue would generally slow down printing rather than completely stop it. Insufficient RAM in the printer typically affects the printer’s ability to handle large or complex documents, not its ability to start a print job. The printer lid not being closed securely could be a potential issue, but it’s generally less common and would typically trigger an error or warning message on the printer itself.

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