A school is installing a new shared printer but the printer is not showing up on the list of available printers. What should the technician do to resolve the issue?

  • Manually add the printer IP address.
  • Reset the page counter.
  • Replace the pickup roller.
  • Configure the printer for duplex printing.
  • Power cycle the printer.
Explanation & Hint:

To resolve the issue of the new shared printer not showing up on the list of available printers at a school, the technician can take the following steps:

  1. Manually Add the Printer IP Address: The technician should first check if the printer has been properly configured on the network and has a valid IP address. If the printer is connected to the network but not appearing automatically, manually adding the printer by its IP address can often resolve the issue.
  2. Power Cycle the Printer: Turning the printer off and then on again can resolve many connectivity issues. This simple step can help reset the printer’s network connection.

The other suggestions are less likely to address the problem of the printer not showing up on the network:

  • Reset the Page Counter: This is typically done for maintenance or accounting purposes and is not related to network connectivity issues.
  • Replace the Pickup Roller: This would be necessary if the printer was experiencing paper feed issues, but it’s not relevant to a printer not appearing on the network.
  • Configure the Printer for Duplex Printing: This setting adjusts how the printer handles double-sided printing and won’t affect network visibility.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, the technician may need to check the network settings, printer sharing settings, and ensure that the correct drivers are installed on the computers that need to access the printer.

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