A small company is setting up a new remote satellite office. Employees in the remote office need to access network resources from the main office of the company. An IT manager is deciding whether to deploy thin or thick clients at the remote office. What is the key technical factor to be considered?

  • network sharing requirements
  • RAID level required
  • requirements for the display screens between thin and thick clients
  • internet connection bandwidth between the main and remote office
Answers Explanation & Hints:

Thick clients are standard computers that have their own operating system, applications, and local storage. They are stand-alone systems and all of the processing is performed locally on the computer. On the other hand, thin clients are typically low-end network computers that rely on remote servers to perform all data processing. Thin clients in a remote office will require a reliable, high-bandwidth, internet connection to a server. Typically thin clients do not have any internal storage and have limited local resources.

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