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A static route has been configured on a router. However, the destination network no longer exists. What should an administrator do to remove the static route from the routing table?

  • Remove the route using the no ip route command.
  • Change the administrative distance for that route.
  • Nothing. The static route will go away on its own.
  • Change the routing metric for that route.
Explanation & Hint:

To remove a static route from the routing table on a router, an administrator should use the “no ip route” command. This command effectively deletes the specified static route from the router’s configuration, ensuring that it is no longer used for routing decisions.

The other options are not correct for this scenario:

  • Changing the administrative distance or the routing metric will not remove the route but will affect how it is prioritized compared to other routes.
  • Static routes do not go away on their own; they remain in the router’s configuration until they are manually removed or the configuration is changed.

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