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A student is jogging in a city park. The student has an app on the smartphone that tracks exercise activities. The student receives a notification that a new email has been received and stops to read the email message. However, the email app is slow to respond. What is a reason for the slowness of the app to open?

  • The smartphone OS is frozen.
  • The email app requires a large amount of RAM.
  • The exercise tracking app is using the GPS service.
  • The smartphone is unable to decrypt the email message.
Explanation & Hint:

The health app uses the GPS receiver to track certain exercise activities, such as jogging and running. GPS service uses a lot of device resources to find and sync with satellites. The GPS receiver locks onto the signals sent from the satellites and constantly calculates its position relative to these satellites. After the position has been determined, the GPS receiver calculates other information, such as speed, time, and distance to a programmed destination. While the GPS receiver is working, a mobile device may appear slow in response to other apps.

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