A teacher is complaining about the following printer issue: The paper is creased after printing. What are two possible causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

  • The paper-feed tray might not be firmly adjusted against the edges of the printer.
  • The paper might be loaded incorrectly.
  • Print jobs are being sent to the wrong printer.
  • The wrong printer type has been selected.
  • The laser printer is emitting too much radiation.
Explanation & Hint:

When a teacher experiences the issue of paper being creased after printing, two possible causes could be:

  1. The Paper-Feed Tray Might Not Be Firmly Adjusted Against the Edges of the Printer: If the paper-feed tray is not properly aligned or adjusted, it can cause the paper to feed into the printer at an angle or inconsistently. This misalignment can lead to the paper being creased as it moves through the printer. Adjusting the tray to ensure it is snug against the edges of the printer and that paper is aligned correctly can help prevent this issue.
  2. The Paper Might Be Loaded Incorrectly: Loading paper improperly into the printer’s tray can also cause creasing. This includes overfilling the tray, using paper that is bent or curled, or not aligning the paper correctly in the tray. Ensuring that the paper is loaded properly, without any pre-existing creases or curls, and in accordance with the printer’s guidelines, can reduce the occurrence of this issue.

The other options, such as print jobs being sent to the wrong printer, the wrong printer type being selected, or the laser printer emitting too much radiation, are not likely to be relevant to the issue of paper creasing. Sending jobs to the wrong printer or selecting the wrong printer type would typically affect where and how the document is printed, but not the physical condition of the paper. The concept of a laser printer emitting “too much radiation” is a misconception and is not associated with paper creasing. Laser printers use laser technology to transfer toner to paper, which does not involve harmful levels of radiation.

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