A technician is complaining about the following printer issue: The print appears faded on the paper. What are two possible causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

  • The toner cartridge is low.
  • The paper might be incompatible with the printer.
  • The wrong printer type has been selected.
  • The printer does not have enough RAM.
  • The print queue is overloaded.
Explanation & Hint:

When a technician encounters an issue with print appearing faded on paper, two likely causes could be:

  1. The Toner Cartridge is Low: This is a common reason for faded prints, especially in laser printers. When toner levels are low, the printer can’t apply enough toner to the paper, resulting in a faded appearance. Replacing or refilling the toner cartridge is a straightforward solution to this problem.
  2. The Paper Might be Incompatible with the Printer: Using the wrong type of paper for the specific printer can affect print quality. Some printers are optimized for certain types of paper, and using a different kind might not absorb or hold the ink or toner properly, leading to faded prints. Switching to a compatible paper type as recommended by the printer manufacturer can improve print quality.

The other options, such as the wrong printer type being selected, the printer not having enough RAM, or the print queue being overloaded, are less likely to cause faded prints. Selecting the wrong printer type might affect print layout or formatting but typically does not result in faded prints. Insufficient printer RAM and an overloaded print queue generally affect the printer’s ability to process and manage print jobs efficiently, but they do not directly impact the intensity of the print on the paper.

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