A technician is working on a laptop and a key on the keyboard is not responding as it should. What is a possible solution for this situation?

  • Clean with compressed air.
  • Update all security apps.
  • Check the fan on the GPU.
  • Ensure that Wi-Fi is turned off.
Explanation & Hint:

When dealing with a key on a laptop keyboard that is not responding as it should, the most effective solution is to:

Clean with compressed air: Dust, debris, or other small particles can often get lodged under the keys of a keyboard, causing them to become unresponsive or to behave erratically. Using compressed air can help to dislodge and remove this debris, potentially resolving the issue with the non-responsive key.

The other options are not relevant to the issue of a malfunctioning key:

  • Update all security apps: Updating security applications is important for overall computer security, but it is not related to the functionality of a physical keyboard.
  • Check the fan on the GPU: The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) fan is responsible for cooling the graphics card and is unrelated to issues with keyboard keys.
  • Ensure that Wi-Fi is turned off: Turning off Wi-Fi has no relevance to a problem with a keyboard key and would not contribute to resolving such an issue.

Therefore, the recommended first step is to clean the affected key using compressed air. If this does not resolve the problem, further troubleshooting might include checking for hardware damage or considering a keyboard replacement.

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