A user calls the help desk and reports that the workstation, when powering up, displays error messages about an invalid system disk or invalid boot disk. When a technician comes to the office, the user mentions that the workstation was working well the day before. The technician checks the workstation and makes sure that the cable is firmly connected between the hard drive and the motherboard. What is another likely cause of the problem?

  • The MBR/GPT is corrupted.
  • The boot service fails to start.
  • Some of the operating system files may be corrupted.
  • A recently installed device driver is incompatible with the boot.
Explanation & Hint:

These error messages indicate that the workstation cannot detect the hard drive as a bootable device. One possible cause is that the MBR/GPT on the hard drive is corrupted so that the workstation cannot locate a valid partition that holds the necessary codes to start booting.

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