A user has completed a project and wants to erase or delete one or more files from a Windows directory. What is the best Windows command to select to do the job?

  • del
  • bootrec
  • ipconfig
  • diskpart
  • history
Explanation & Hint:

The best Windows command to use for erasing or deleting one or more files from a directory is del.

The del command in Windows is used specifically for deleting files. It can be used to delete one file, multiple files, or even a group of files matching a specified pattern.

The other commands have different purposes:

  • bootrec: This is used to repair the boot process for Windows. It’s useful in fixing boot-related issues but not for deleting files.
  • ipconfig: This command is used to display and manage the network configuration on a Windows computer, particularly IP addressing. It’s not used for file management.
  • diskpart: While this is a utility for managing disk partitions, it’s more powerful and complex and is generally used for tasks like creating, deleting, or resizing disk partitions, not for individual file operations.
  • history: In the context of Windows Command Prompt, there isn’t a built-in history command. In PowerShell, history shows a history of the commands entered during the current session, but it’s not for file deletion.

Therefore, for deleting files, del is the appropriate command.

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