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A user is deleting old files and wants to see all files in the current directory. What is the best Windows command to select to do the job?

  • dir
  • bootrec
  • ipconfig
  • diskpart
  • exit
Explanation & Hint:

The best Windows command for a user who wants to see all files in the current directory is dir.

The dir command in Windows Command Prompt lists all files and directories in the current directory. It’s a useful command for quickly viewing the contents of a directory, including file and folder names, their sizes, and the date and time they were last modified.

The other commands serve different purposes:

  • bootrec: This is used for troubleshooting and repairing issues with the boot process in Windows. It’s not used for listing files or directories.
  • ipconfig: This command displays the network configuration, including IP addresses, on a Windows computer. It’s unrelated to file management.
  • diskpart: This is a command-line utility for disk partition management, such as creating, deleting, or formatting partitions. It does not list files in a directory.
  • exit: This command is used to close the Command Prompt window or end the current script or batch file. It’s not for viewing files or directories.

Thus, for viewing all files in the current directory, dir is the appropriate command.

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