An administrative assistant tries to link a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to a computer. The keyboard does not work, but the mouse works fine. What are two issues that could cause this situation? (Choose two.)

  • Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • The keyboard battery is dead.
  • Bluetooth is turned off.
  • The Num Lock key has been inadvertently pressed.
  • The keyboard is too far from the computer.
Explanation & Hint:

If a Bluetooth keyboard is not working while the Bluetooth mouse is working fine, two issues that could cause this situation are:

  1. The keyboard battery is dead: If the keyboard’s battery has no charge, it will not be able to communicate with the computer. Replacing the battery or charging the keyboard, if it uses rechargeable batteries, would be necessary.
  2. The keyboard is too far from the computer: Bluetooth devices have a range limit, typically up to 10 meters (33 feet) for Class 2 devices. If the keyboard is outside this range, it might not be able to establish or maintain a connection with the computer.

The other options provided are less likely to be the cause:

  • Wi-Fi is turned off: Wi-Fi being turned off would not typically affect Bluetooth connectivity, as they are separate communication technologies. However, in some devices, turning off Wi-Fi might also turn off Bluetooth if they share a combined wireless card. But since the mouse is working fine, it indicates that Bluetooth is active.
  • Bluetooth is turned off: This is not the issue because the mouse is working fine, which indicates that Bluetooth is enabled on the computer.
  • The Num Lock key has been inadvertently pressed: The Num Lock key only affects the number pad on keyboards that have one. It would not prevent the entire keyboard from working. If only the number pad is unresponsive, this could be a possibility, but the scenario implies the entire keyboard is not functioning.

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