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An administrator is configuring single-area OSPF on a router. One of the networks that must be advertised is What wildcard mask would the administrator use in the OSPF network statement?

Explanation & Hint:

In OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) configuration, a wildcard mask is used in network statements to specify which IP addresses should be included. The wildcard mask is the inverse of a subnet mask.

Given the subnet mask, we can determine the corresponding wildcard mask by subtracting each octet from 255.

  • For the first octet of the subnet mask (255), subtract it from 255: 255−255=0
  • For the second octet (255), do the same: 255−255=0
  • For the third octet (255), again: 255−255=0
  • For the fourth octet (0), subtract it from 255: 255−0=255

So, the wildcard mask corresponding to the subnet mask is

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