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An administrator notices that large numbers of packets are being dropped on one of the branch routers. What should be done or checked?

  • Create extra static routes to the same location with an AD of 1.
  • Check the routing table for a missing static route.
  • Create static routes to all internal networks and a default route to the internet.
  • Check the statistics on the default route for oversaturation.
Explanation & Hint:

If the issue of packets being dropped is tied to a missing static route, then checking the routing table for such a missing route would be the correct course of action. In the absence of a specific route, routers will either drop packets or forward them to the default route, if one exists. If the expected static route is missing, the router may not know where to forward the packets, leading to drops.

To resolve this issue, the administrator should review the routing table to confirm that all necessary static routes are present and correctly configured. If a route is indeed missing, it should be added to ensure that packets destined for that network are properly routed and not dropped. This is a critical part of network troubleshooting and ensures that all network paths are correctly defined and functioning as expected.

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