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Based on the command output shown, which file permission or permissions have been assigned to the other user group for the data.txt file?

ls –l data.txt
-rwxrw-r-- sales staff 1028 May 28 15:50 data.txt
  • read, write, execute
  • read
  • read, write
  • full access
Answers Explanation & Hints:

The file permissions are always displayed in the user, group and other order. In the example displayed, the file has the following permissions:
The dash ( – ) means that this is a file. For directories, the first dash would be replaced with a “d”.
The first set of characters is for user permission (rwx). The user, sales, who owns the file can read, write and execute the file.
The second set of characters is for group permissions (rw-). The group, staff, who owns the file can read and write to the file.
The third set of characters is for any other user or group permissions (r–). Any other user or group on the computer can only read the file.

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