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CCNA4 v6.0 Chapter 1  Exam Full 100%

  1. 1. Question

    A small company with 10 employees uses a single LAN to share information between computers. Which type of connection to the Internet would be appropriate for this company?

  2. 2. Question
    Which network scenario will require the use of a WAN?
  3. 3. Question
    Which statement describes a characteristic of a WAN?
  4. 4. Question

    What are two common types of circuit-switched WAN technologies? (Choose two.)

  5. 5. Question
    Which two devices are needed when a digital leased line is used to provide a connection between the customer and the service provider? (Choose two.)
  6. 6. Question
    What is a requirement of a connectionless packet-switched network?
  7. 7. Question
    What is an advantage of packet-switched technology over circuit-switched technology?
  8. 8. Question
    A new corporation needs a data network that must meet certain requirements. The network must provide a low cost connection to sales people dispersed over a large geographical area. Which two types of WAN infrastructure would meet the requirements? (Choose two.)
  9. 9. Question
    What is a long distance fiber-optic media technology that supports both SONET and SDH, and assigns incoming optical signals to specific wavelengths of light?
  10. 10. Question
    What are two common high-bandwidth fiber-optic media standards? (Choose two.)
  11. 11. Question
    Which WAN technology is cell-based and well suited to carry voice and video traffic?
  12. 12. Question
    Which two technologies use the PSTN network to provide an Internet connection? (Choose two.)
  13. 13. Question
    A company needs to interconnect several branch offices across a metropolitan area. The network engineer is seeking a solution that provides high-speed converged traffic, including voice, video, and data on the same network infrastructure. The company also wants easy integration to their existing LAN infrastructure in their office locations. Which technology should be recommended?
  14. 14. Question
    Which solution can provide Internet access to remote locations where no regular WAN services are available?
  15. 15. Question
    Which WAN technology establishes a dedicated constant point-to-point connection between two sites?
  16. 16. Question
    A customer needs a metropolitan area WAN connection that provides high-speed, dedicated bandwidth between two sites. Which type of WAN connection would best fulfill this need?
  17. 17. Question
    Which feature is used when connecting to the Internet using DSL?
  18. 18. Question
    Which connectivity method would be best for a corporate employee who works from home two days a week, but needs secure access to internal corporate databases?
  19. 19. Question
    Which wireless technology provides Internet access through cellular networks?
  20. 20. Question
    A home user lives within 10 miles (16 kilometers) of the Internet provider network. Which type of technology provides high-speed broadband service with wireless access for this home user?
  21. 21. Question
    What is the recommended technology to use over a public WAN infrastructure when a branch office is connected to the corporate site?
  22. 22. Question
    What can cause a reduction in available bandwidth on a cable broadband connection?
  23. 23. Question
    Which equipment is needed for an ISP to provide Internet connections through cable service?
  24. 24. Question
    Which geographic scope requirement would be considered a distributed WAN scope?
  25. 25. Question
    A corporation is looking for a solution to connect multiple, newly established remote branch offices. Which consideration is important when selecting a private WAN connection rather than a public WAN connection?
  26. 26. Question

    Match the type of WAN device or service to the descriptions. (Not all options are used.)

    CCNA4 v6.0 Chapter 1 01
    CCNA4 v6.0 Chapter 1 01
  27. 27. Question

    Match the connectivity type to the description. (Not all options are used.)

    CCNA4 v6.0 Chapter 1 Exam 02
    CCNA4 v6.0 Chapter 1 Exam 02