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220-1001 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 : Part 11

  1. An end user is building a small home media server. The user wants to be able to add and remove hard drives without powering down the server.

    Which of the following should be enabled to allow for this?

    • NVMe
    • AHCI
    • ATAPI
    • UEFI
  2. A company is terminating Cat 6 wiring at a 110 block.

    Which of the following should be used?

    • A crimper
    • A cable stripper
    • A punchdown tool
    • A tone generator
  3. A workstation has RAID 1 and RAID 5 arrays. Although performance is not degraded, management software is reporting a hard disk failure.

    Which of the following should a technician do NEXT?

    • Check one of the RAID 1 disks for failure
    • Rebuild the RAID 1 disks for failure
    • Check one of the RAID 5 disks for failure
    • Rebuild the RAID 5 array
  4. A company wants to purchase new equipment for its help desk team. Team members work in a 24/7 environment and share desks with coworkers from other shifts. The company already has dual monitors set up on each desk but decides replacing the existing desktops with laptops would be the best business decision to support the mobility needs.

    Which of the following laptop features or accessories would be BEST suited for this business environment?

    • KVM
    • VPN
    • Privacy filters
    • Docking stations
    • Port replicators
  5. A user’s personal laptop has been behaving erratically for the past month. Today, however, the user cannot perform any work on the laptop, as the device locks up immediately after logging on. Believing the issue to be a malware infection, a technician takes the laptop back to the workbench for additional tests and diagnostics. A full-system malware scan returns inconclusive results. The user reports only new software installations have been made to the laptop.

    Following best practice methodologies, which of the following should the technician perform NEXT to resolve the problem?

    • Uninstall the new software applications
    • Document the findings and report them to the user
    • Do a full backup of the system data
    • Perform a format and System Restore
  6. A user is given a new tablet. When using the touch screen, the user reports the cursor highlights and selects items unintentionally. The issue does not happen when using an external mouse.

    Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to resolve this issue?

    • Run the calibration utility
    • Disable the touch functionality
    • Update the touch-screen driver
    • Reinstall the OS
  7. A small office wants to install a server that can provide name resolution for internal clients.

    Which of the following server types would BEST accomplish this?

    • IDS
    • DHCP
    • UTM
    • DNS
  8. Which of the following connector types can be used to connect a laptop to a docking station or port replicator? (Choose two.)

    • Lightning
    • Thunderbolt
    • RJ45
    • Molex
    • DB9
    • USB-C
  9. A user purchased a processor to upgrade a computer. After the installation, the computer no longer boots, but everything appears to be installed correctly.

    Which of the following should the user have done prior to installing the new processor? (Choose two.)

    • Run a Windows Update
    • Verify the power requirements of the new CPU
    • Purchase a high-efficiency cooling system
    • Disable Secure Boot
    • Check for BIOS updates
    • Reinstall the operating system
  10. A technician receives a laptop from an end user who reports that some aspects of the image are left behind when applications are closed and persist until reboot. The technician also notices black dots throughout the screen. The technician recalibrates the display settings and updates the drivers for the display adapter, but the issue persists.

    Which of the following is the laptop MOST likely experiencing? (Choose two.)

    • Artifacts
    • Distorted geometry
    • VGA degradation
    • Burn in
    • Dead pixels
    • Distorted image
  11. A customer’s workstation will not boot. A technician runs diagnostics on the system and discovers it is set up in a RAID 0 configuration, and a single SATA hard drive has failed. The system was set up for performance. Once repaired, the customer requests redundancy be built into the system and an increase in performance.

    Which of the following describes how the technician should set up the new RAID configuration?

    • RAID 1 configuration that will utilize new SSD
    • RAID 5 configuration that will allow the loss of a hard drive without failure
    • RAID 6 configuration that will allow the loss of two hard drives without failure
    • RAID 10 configuration utilizing new HDD
  12. Which of the following is the minimum category cable that supports 1000Mbps speed?

    • Cat 3
    • Cat 5e
    • Cat 6
    • Cat 6e
  13. Which of the following is considered a connectionless protocol?

    • UDP
    • TCP
    • Telnet
    • DNS
  14. Joe, a user, needs to have a notebook connected to a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard when he is working at his desk. His notebook is not business class, yet is meets company policy for personal computers.

    Which of the following should a technician install for Joe?

    • Port forwarding device
    • Docking station
    • KVM switch
    • USB hub
  15. A user needs access to a shared mailbox inside the mobile mail application through the company’s cloud-based email service.

    Which of the following protocols is required to make this possible?

    • IMAP
    • S/MIME
    • SMTP
    • SNMP
  16. A company wants to protect its users from malicious websites but also provide the ability to log traffic in and out of the network.

    Which of the following should the company place within its network to BEST protect its users?

    • IDS server
    • DNS server
    • Proxy server
    • Syslog server
  17. Which of the following cloud models would MOST likely be described as a service in which the customer has no responsibility for application patching?

    • IaaS
    • SaaS
    • Private cloud
    • PaaS
  18. Which of the following cloud-based services gives customers the ability to scale resources as needed?

    • Resource pooling
    • Rapid elasticity
    • Measured service
    • Hybrid cloud
  19. A technician is troubleshooting a networking issue for a client. After running ipconfig/all the technician discovers the IP address assigned to the computer is

    Which of the following network configurations does this describe?

    • APIPA
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • NAT
  20. A company wants to use thin clients to run all the common business applications it uses. The users need to share files and have a common email domain.

    Which of the following cloud concepts should a technician recommend?

    • PaaS
    • IaaS
    • MaaS
    • Saas