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220-1001 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 : Part 12

  1. A small office in a remote area is considering a new ISP.

    Which of the following broadband types is based on the distance to the nearest central office?

    • Satellite
    • Fiber
    • Cable
    • DSL
  2. A technician is building a Windows server to meet the specific needs of a user. The user needs to house a replica of a very large SQL database to be able to query the database locally.

    Which of the following drive configurations would BEST meet the requirements while providing the maximum amount of performance and storage?

    • OS disk: 128GB M2
      Data disk: 4TB 7200rpm HDD
    • OS disk: 256GB 5400rpm HDD
      Data disk: 1TB 5400rpm HDD
    • OS disk: 512GB 15000rpm HDD
      Data disk: 64GB M2
    • OS disk: 1TB 7200rpm HDD
      Data disk: 128GB 10000rpm HDD
  3. A technician is setting up a workstation for a new user. The computer’s OS has most features disabled. The computer has graphics, network, and human input devices configured.

    When a user logs onto the computer, it loads a virtual desktop with all the necessary programs. Which of the following BEST describes this type of workstation?

    • Locked kiosk
    • Virtual machine
    • Thin client
    • Hypervisor
  4. Which of the following must a technician configure to access the console of multiple servers physically by using one keyboard, mouse, and monitor?

    • Virtual management console
    • Remote desktop protocol
    • Portable crash cart
    • Rack-mounted IP KVM
  5. After replacing a failed mother board in a user’s computer, the technician receives a report that the computer is behaving erratically. The user states the computer shuts down randomly throughout the day and freezes frequently. The technician performs a memory diagnostic, and it reports no issues.

    Which of the following should the technician check NEXT in troubleshooting this issue?

    • Reseat the memory and reset the BIOS to default settings
    • Add heat sinks to each installed memory module
    • Enable overclocking functionality in the BIOS
    • Ensure all case fans are plugged in and working
  6. When configuring a VM, which of the following devices MOST likely needs to be configured to allow the VM access to other client VMs on the same host?

    • Virtual switch
    • Host
    • Hypervisor
    • Workstation NIC
  7. A technician is setting up a server to provide access to the LAN and Internet.

    Which of the following server roles would accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

    • File server
    • Print server
    • Web server
    • DNS server
    • DHCP server
    • SQL server
    • Email server
    • Proxy server
  8. A technician is building a SOHO server that will be used to run a business-critical application for a small business.

    Which of the following RAM types should the technician install?

    • Error correcting
    • Triple channel
    • Unbuffered memory
    • Non-parity
  9. A user is accessing webmail and needs to encrypt the contents of the email message and attachments prior to sending.

    Which of the following should be configured to accomplish this task?

    • S/MIME settings
    • VPN settings
    • TLS settings
    • SSL settings
  10. A user is participating in a weight-loss challenge and needs to keep track of fitness activities, locations, distances, and calories burned during a specific time period. The user wants to be able to listen to music while participating in the challenge.

    Which of the following would the user MOST likely need to purchase to meet these requirements?

    • Smartphone
    • Fitness application
    • AR headset
    • Fitness tracker
  11. A user reports being unable to print to a network-based all-in-one printer. The issue consistently appears after power outages.

    Which of the following should a technician perform to resolve the issue?

    • Run Windows Update on the user’s machine
    • Disable the firewall on the user’s machine
    • Set a static IP address on the printer
    • Reinstall the printer with vendor-provided drivers
  12. A technician is troubleshooting an issue with a printer that is directly attached to a user’s workstation. The printer is powered on but will not print. The user claims nothing has changed on the computer, and the printer was working earlier in the day.

    Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to determine the cause of the issue?

    • Order a new printer for the user and decommission the current printer
    • Update the printer drivers in the workstation’s OS
    • Physically examine the workstation and printer for any obvious issues
    • Reseat all the printer cables and restart the user’s workstation
  13. A company is concerned about the security of sensitive data on a laptop a user frequently takes off-site.

    Which of the following enables hardware encryption to secure user data?

    • BIOS password
    • Hibernation mode
    • Trusted Platform Module
    • Screen-saver lock
  14. Which of the following has a P4 connector to provide a 12V output?

    • EIDE port
    • 24-pin adapter
    • SCSI cable
    • eSATA cable
  15. A technician would like to install an internal storage drive for a computer. Which of the following cable connectors would MOST likely be used to transfer data? (Choose two.)

    • USB-C
    • IDE
    • SATA
    • USB-A
    • Molex
    • Lightning
  16. After a new laser printer was installed, users began reporting issues. Duplicate copies of print jobs were not delivering fully separated copies; instead, similar pages were being stacked. Which of the following settings MOST likely needed to be checked to correct this issue?

    • Collation
    • Duplexing
    • Orientation
    • Quality
  17. Which of the following network servers would be MOST useful in translating a URL into an IP address?

    • Print server
    • DNS server
    • Mail server
    • DHCP server
    • Web server
  18. After restoring a laptop to factory settings, a client can no longer use the touchpad on it. A technician verifies the system state was fully restored from the most recent, fully working backup. Which of the following should the technician check for NEXT using the fewest number of steps?

    • System Restore
    • Installed USB mouse
    • Updated drivers
    • Function key toggle
  19. Ann, a user, reports the 20GB hard drive on her VM is full. She frequently has to delete files so the machine is usable again. Ann would like access to a machine with a larger hard drive. Aside from the drive being too small, the machine works perfectly for Ann. A technician checks the virtual host and sees it has about 400GB of available disk space.

    Which of the following should the technician do to resolve the problem quickly?

    • Go into the hypervisor and increase the size of the hard drive.
    • Spin up a new VM for Ann with a larger hard drive.
    • Move the VM to another virtual host with more resources.
    • Upgrade the hard drive in the virtual host machine.

    Ann, a CEO, has purchased a new consumer-class tablet for personal use, but she is unable to connect it to the company’s wireless network. All the corporate laptops are connecting without issue. She has asked you to assist with getting the device online.


    Review the network diagrams and device configurations to determine the cause of the problem and resolve any discovered issues.

    If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button.

    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 036
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 036
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 037
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 037
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 038
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 038
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 039
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 039
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 040
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 040
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 041
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 041
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 042
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 042
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 043
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 043
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 044
    220-1001 Part 12 Q20 044

    • For correct answers: see the explanation below
    Ann needs to connect to the BYOD SSID, using 2.4GHZ. The selected security method chose should be WPA PSK, and the password should be set to Totally Secret.