220-1001 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 : Part 16

  1. A user needs to set up a cloud environment that can scale up quickly based on resource utilization. Which of the following does the user need to configure?

    • Hybrid cloud
    • Metered service
    • Rapid elasticity
    • Resource pooling
  2. A technician is connecting an LCD projector to a laptop. The image displayed by the projector does not align properly with the top corners. The laptop screen is black, preventing the technician from changing the resolution settings on the computer. Which of the following is MOST likely affecting the projector’s display?

    • Distorted geometry
    • No image displayed
    • VGA mode function
    • Disconnected cable
  3. A user requests a new laptop battery that will yield a longer run time. The user’s current battery has the following information printed on it:

    14.8V 6-cell 1800mAh lithium ion battery

    Which of the following battery specifications will yield a longer run time but still be compatible with the current laptop?

    • 14.8V 6-cell 1800mAh nickel cadmium battery
    • 14.8V 6-cell 2200mAh lithium ion battery
    • 14.8V 9-cell 1800mAh lithium ion battery
    • 19.2V 6-cell 1800mAh lithium ion battery
  4. A user’s monitor is not displaying colors correctly since it was moved to a new desk. A technician investigates and discovers the user has two monitors: one is connected to the PC via a DisplayPort cable, and the other is using VGA. The technician traces the cables and finds the VGA-connected monitor is not displaying any red colors. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

    • The OS installed the latest driver updates after powering up.
    • The PC was damaged during the move.
    • The pins on the VGA cable are bent.
    • The video card is overheating at the new desk.
  5. A client needs an MFD to be configured wirelessly to support an office. Access to copying should be restricted to employees; however, all users should be permitted to print from iOS devices. Which of the following should a technician configure to allow this to happen? (Choose two.)

    • Ad-hoc wireless
    • Print server
    • Bluetooth
    • AirPrint
    • User authentication
    • MAC filtering
  6. A technician is troubleshooting a PC that intermittently reboots on its own. The PC is located in the middle of a factory environment and is stored in a tightly locked cabinet, which is free of dust and debris. The technician checks Event Viewer but sees no correlation between the reboots and other system activity. The only notable thing is that the reboots all occur in the afternoon. The technician reseats the two DIMMs of RAM and verifies all the cables and components are securely connected. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the reboots?

    • OS updates are failing.
    • The boot devices are in the wrong order.
    • The PC is overheating and restarting.
    • The RAM DIMMs are different speeds.
  7. A SOHO wants to reduce printing costs. Which of the following forced configurations would BEST accomplish this goal?

    • Duplex printing
    • Portrait orientation
    • Decreased resolution
    • Forced collating
  8. A technician needs to set up a desktop so a programmer can write applications for mobile operating systems. This will require the installation of:

    • a CPU that supports hyperthreading,
    • a Trusted Platform Module.
    • mobile device management.
    • emulator software
  9. A user is looking for software that can overlay information on objects seen through the camera of a mobile device. This is an example of.

    • augmented reality.
    • virtual reality.
    • geotagging.
    • artificial intelligence.
    • object character recognition.
  10. A technician is building a new PC and needs to install RAM. The motherboard has four slots, which are grouped in pairs. Which of the following types of RAM would be MOST appropriate?

    • Single channel
    • Dual channel
    • Triple channel
    • Quad channel
  11. Ann, a user, reports she cannot view any emails from last year on her new smartphone. A technician checks Ann’s webmail and confirms emails are present in the inbox on the account, but they are not available on her phone. The email server settings are configured correctly on the phone. Which of the following steps should resolve the problem?

    • Change the synchronization frequency to push only.
    • Install and configure a third-party email application on the phone.
    • Perform a factory reset of the phone and reconfigure email.
    • Increase the number of days email is synced to the phone.
  12. A technician needs to connect a user to a network share on the server. Which of the following ports should the technician allow through the firewall?

    • 67
    • 137
    • 143
    • 445
    • 3389
  13. A user is experiencing slow performance on a workstation. A technician investigates and speculates the performance issue is being caused by an excessive number of background services running at startup. The technician troubleshoots the issue, and then finds and disables many services that have been running at startup. Next, the technician informs the user the remediation is complete. The following morning, the technician receives a call from the same user reporting performance is still slow. Which of the following troubleshooting steps did the technician MOST likely fail to complete?

    • Establish a theory of probable cause.
    • Identity the problem.
    • Verify full system functionality
    • Document findings, actions, and outcomes.
  14. After upgrading a laptop’s OS from Windows Vista to Windows 10, hard drive activity is elevated when running normal user applications, causing the laptop to run slowly. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST?

    • Flash the laptop BIOS to the most current version available from the manufacturer.
    • Replace both of the installed 1GB SoDIMMs with compatible 4GB SoDIMMs.
    • Attach an external USB hard drive and move all user data off the internal drive.
    • Upgrade the currently installed 500GB SSD with a 1TB SSD.
  15. A technician finishes building a custom gaming computer. When the system is turned on, however, all the fans spin and the LEDs light up on the motherboard, but the system does not POST and the monitor remains blank. Which of the following did the technician fail to connect to the motherboard?

    • SATA signal cable
    • CPU power cable
    • Power LED
    • Motherboard power cable
  16. A user wants to build a new home computer that will be used exclusively for the latest offline games. The user consults with a technician on the best hardware to purchase. The user has already picked out the CPU, GPU, RAM, and motherboard, but is unsure what else is important to achieve top performance. Which of the following should the technician suggest? (Choose two.)

    • IDE connectors
    • PCle slots
    • TPM unit
    • Liquid cooling
    • Gigabit NIC
    • Thermal paste
    • Virtualization
  17. A technician recently installed a new router. Since the installation was completed, a user’s PC loses network connectivity when another user’s PC comes online. Which of the following commands are BEST for the technician to run to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

    • ipconfig / renew
    • ipconfig / all
    • ipconfig / flushdns
    • ipconfig / registerdns
    • ipconfig / release
    • ipconfig / displaydns
  18. An administrator notices the RAID 5 array is reporting a degraded health message. It contains three HDDs. A technician replaces the faulty HDD with a new one, but users then report access to the fileshare is not as fast as it used to be. Which of the following is MOST likely preventing the RAID array from operating optimally?

    • The mirrored set is broken.
    • Write caching has been turned on.
    • The wrong drive was replaced.
    • The RAID array is rebuilding.
  19. A vendor connects a laptop to the projector for a presentation but notices the projector is not listed as a display in the display properties. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be done FIRST?

    • Ensure the projector is on.
    • Install the projector drivers.
    • Update the graphics drivers.
    • Verify laptop compatibility.
  20. Which of the following colors is used to designate a USB 3.0 connector?

    • Blue
    • Black
    • Green
    • White