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220-1001 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 : Part 17

  1. A technician discovered a spare cable at a user’s desk. The ends of the cable terminate in a plastic connector with four pins, only two of which contain conductors. Which of the following connector types did the technician find?

    • RG-6
    • RJ11
    • RJ45
    • RG-59
  2. A technician is deploying PCs in a new office that has both wired and wireless connectivity. The deployment must be competed quickly, since the office is scheduled to open soon. Which of the following must the technician perform to ensure the devices are ready for use when the newly hired employees arrive? (Choose two.)

    • Create system policies and configurations.
    • Set up local accounts per station.
    • Set up mailbox quotas per account.
    • Install the OS and applications.
    • Synchronize user files to the cloud.
    • Map the network drives.
  3. Which of the following servers provides access to user data over a LAN?

    • Proxy server
    • DHCP server
    • Web server
    • File server
  4. Static addressing was replaced with dynamic addressing during network maintenance. Following the maintenance, multiple users began reporting connectivity issues. A technician sees the following when checking the address assignments on a user’s workstation:

    IP address

    The technician attempts to run commands that will force the PC to request a new IP address, but the technician receives the same address. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

    • Run the command ipconfig/flushdns to force the PC to use the DNS server for its next request.
    • Switch the PC to the wireless network to get the users back to work.
    • Replace the network cable from the PC to the wall jack.
    • Check the DHCP server to ensure the scope is large enough for all users.
  5. Which of the following cloud computing concepts is used to describe online providers that serve multiple clients with scalable services, such as access to a large number of CPUs and memory from multiple resources?

    • Rapid elasticity
    • Measured service
    • Cloud file-storage service
    • Resource pooling
  6. When a user types on a laptop, the cursor randomly moves around and clicks elsewhere in the document, causing the user to have to edit and retype portions of the document. Which of the following should the technician disable to resolve the issue?

    • Wireless
    • Airplane mode
    • Touchpad
    • External monitor
  7. Which of the following is a common use for NAT?

    • Automatically assigning network addresses
    • Hiding the network portion of an IPv4 address
    • Connecting multiple devices through a single public IP address
    • Resolving alphanumeric names to addresses
  8. Immediately after a small company implemented VoIP telephony, users began reporting dropped calls. Large files and videos are being transferred on the same network as the VoIP phones. Which of the following should the network administrator do to prevent dropped calls? (Choose two.)

    • Implement QoS.
    • Increase MTU.
    • Implement download quotas.
    • Update phone firmware.
    • Move VoIP phone sets to different VLAN.
    • Configure a separate DNS server for the VoIP phones.
  9. A technician installed a new printer for a client and successfully printed a test page. The next day, the customer reports there are garbled characters on printed pages. The technician questions the user and discovers OS updates were applied overnight. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT to troubleshoot the issue?

    • If the device appears in the Device Manager
    • If the correct printer driver is selected
    • If the printer’s onboard memory is low
    • If the Windows Print Spooler service is running
  10. Which of the following must be configured to allow two VLANs to communicate with each other?

    • Common gateway device
    • Static IP address on a switch
    • Valid IPv6 link local address
    • Connection to a VPN service
  11. Which of the following can be used to extend a wired network using an adapter and electrical outlet?

    • Layer 3 switch
    • Patch panel
    • Ethernet over power
    • Repeater
  12. A laser printer feeds multiple pages through at the same time. Some of the pages have poor image quality, and many of the pages have toner that is easily smeared on the finished page. Which of the following should a technician order to fix the issues with the printer?

    • Paper tray
    • Corona wire
    • Maintenance kit
    • Toner cartridge
  13. A customer works from home and uses business applications on a basic workstation. The customer wants to turn the workstation into a gaming workstation. Which of the following components would need to be installed to accomplish this task?

    • A hypervisor
    • A TPM solution
    • A high-end processor
    • A RAID 1 array
  14. A systems administrator is troubleshooting a database server on a company LAN. Users are unable to run any database applications, but all workstations can ping the server with normal latency. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to resolve the issue while adhering to best practices?

    • Review the system and application logs.
    • Document the findings
    • Perform a full backup
    • Reboot the server.
  15. A technician needs to run cabling from the patch panel to a new breakout box. Which of the following should the technician use to connect the cable to the jack at both the new location and the patch panel in the network wiring closet?

    • Wire crimper
    • Multimeter
    • Punchdown tool
    • Cable tester
  16. A workstation’s RAM is being upgraded to 24GB. The system has six RAM slots supporting DDR4 dual-channel, with a maximum of 32GB total system memory. Which of the following configurations will maximize system performance?

    • Two 4GB DDR4 chips and one 16GB DDR4 chip
    • Two 8GB DDR4 chips and one 8GB DDR4 chips
    • Four 8GB DDR2 chips
    • Six 4GB DDR4 chips
  17. A virtual environment in which an application uses memory and a processor from a provider based on a leased rate that depends on the amount of resources used per month is referred to as:

    • virtual application streaming service
    • metered service
    • resource pooling
    • SaaS
  18. The marketing department received a laser printer from the finance department. The marketing department wants to connect the laser printer to the Ethernet network, but it has no physical network jack. Which of the following should a technician try FIRST to connect this printer to the network?

    • Install an integrated print server.
    • Order the appropriate printer model for the department.
    • Connect the printer to a serial A/B switch.
    • Contact the vendor for a firmware update.
  19. Which of the following wireless standards provides the HIGHEST bandwidth?

    • 802.11a
    • 802.11ac
    • 802.11b
    • 802.11g
  20. A company is hosting a Windows email server on its premises. Company policy is to use encryption on incoming an outgoing email services. An administrator recently upgraded the company’s firewall. Users report they can receive email, but no one can send email. Which of the following ports should the administrator open on the new firewall?

    • 21
    • 80
    • 389
    • 465