220-1002 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 : Part 05

  1. Which of the following techniques is used by malicious employees to obtain user passwords?

    • Main-in-the-middle
    • Phishing
    • Tailgating
    • Shoulder surfing
  2. A technician is recycling PCs to be reused by a middle school.

    Which of the following methods is MOST appropriate for ensuring data has been removed from the PCs?

    • Standard formatting
    • HD drilling
    • Low-level formatting
    • HD partitioning
  3. A user reports that when opening a web browser, the initial page loads to a search engine the user does not recognize. When the user performs searches on the site, the results are often irrelevant, and there are many pop-ups.

    Which of the following should a technician do to resolve these issues? (Choose two.)

    • Reset the user’s browser to default settings
    • Delete the user’s cached images, temporary files, and cookies
    • Reboot the user’s computer and install a secondary antivirus
    • Convince the user to use a different web browser that is currently unaffected
    • Download the update to the user’s web browser of choice
    • Remove any unapproved applications from the user’s startup items
  4. A technician is in the process of upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 10. The technician needs to make sure all of the applications, user profiles, documents, and PST files are preserved.

    Which of the following methods would the technician MOST likely perform on the computer?

    • Unattended installation
    • Refresh upgrade
    • Clean installation
    • In-place upgrade
  5. Which of the following is the MOST secure wireless security protocol?

    • AES
    • WPA
    • WPA2
    • WEP
  6. Joe, a customer, calls a technician to report a remote computer is demonstrating erratic behavior while he is working on it. The technician verifies the files and directories. Joe is working on locally cannot be opened in any application, and the computer is running extremely slow.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

    • Files disappearing
    • File permission changes
    • Application crash
    • Too many startup items
  7. Corporate management is concerned about the security of the company’s mobile phones, in the event they are lost or stolen. Management instructs the IT staff to ensure the data on the devices is not accessible by unauthorized users.

    Which of the following would provide the BEST level of protection in this scenario? (Choose two.)

    • Use full device encryption
    • Enable a pattern lock
    • Implement remote wipe features
    • Use device lockout policies
    • Require complex administrator passwords
    • Disable unknown application installations
  8. A technician repaired a laptop for a customer. The customer then complained the repair took too long and questioned the steps the technician took to fix the problem.

    Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

    • Provide documentation of the repair to the customer
    • Allow the customer to voice concerns and post the story to social media later
    • Inform the customer the job is done and return to the office
    • Defend each step and why it was necessary
  9. A user is attempting to install an application and receives an error stating there is not enough space to install the application.

    Which of the following did the user overlook?

    • Installation method
    • System requirements
    • OS compatibility
    • File permissions
  10. Ann, an end user, is working with highly regulated data and often notices the high volume of traffic in her work area. Ann requests help with limiting the exposure of data as people walk by.

    Which of the following security measures should be used?

    • Biometric device
    • Common access card
    • Cable lock
    • Privacy screen
    • Mantrap
  11. A SOHO technician needs to upgrade two computers quickly and is not concerned about retaining user settings. The users currently have Windows 8 and want to upgrade to Windows 10.

    Which of the following installation methods would the technician MOST likely use to accomplish this quickly?

    • Unattended installation
    • Remote network installation
    • In-place upgrade
    • Clean installation
  12. A technician received 300 old desktops following a recent computer upgrade. After taking inventory of the old machines, the technician must destroy the data on the HDDs.

    Which of the following would be the MOST effective method to accomplish this task?

    • Drill
    • Hammer
    • Low-level format
    • Degaussing
  13. A user reports malware activity on an isolated workstation used for testing. It is running an end-of-life OS, and a USB drive is the only method used to transfer files. After removing the malware and replacing the USB drive with a brand new one, the technician gives the approval to use the equipment. The next day the user reports the same malware activity is present after powering on the system.

    Which of the following did the technician forget to do to prevent reinfection?

    • Connect to the network and update the OS with the latest security patches
    • Scan and clean the USB device used to transfer data from the equipment
    • Disable System restore and remove all restore points from the system
    • Update the local antivirus and set it to scan automatically every evening
  14. A corporate network was recently infected by a malicious application on a flash drive that downloaded sensitive company files and injected a virus, which spread onto the network.

    Which of the following best practices could have prevented the attack?

    • Implementing strong passwords
    • Changing default credentials
    • Disabling AutoRun
    • Removing Guest account
    • Encrypting data
  15. Which of the following technologies can be utilized in a wireless network environment to provide secure SSO access for WiFi and network resources?

    • WPA2
    • AES
    • MAC filtering
    • RADIUS
    • WPS
  16. A technician has installed a second monitor for a customer, but the desktop font sizes do not match.

    Which of the following display settings should the technician adjust to correct this issue?

    • Resolution
    • Refresh rate
    • Extended monitor
    • Color depth
  17. Which of the following built-in accounts was removed in Windows 10?

    • Power User
    • Administrator
    • Guest
    • Standard User
  18. A technician recently installed a new secondary hard drive in a Windows 10 desktop. After the installation, the computer displayed the following error message: No Operating System Found. However, after unplugging the new hard drive, the error message no longer appeared. The technician then reconnected the new drive to continue troubleshooting.

    Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT?

    • Reboot into safe mode
    • Check the boot order
    • Format the drive
    • Perform Windows Recovery
    • Run the chkdsk command
  19. Joe, a user who is travelling for business, reports that his mobile phone was getting approximately 35 Mbps for the first few days of his trip, but now it is only getting around 500 Kbps. Joe uses the device as a GPS to visit customers and as a hotspot to check work email and watch movies online.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of Joe’s slow data speeds?

    • Joe’s data transmission is over the limit
    • The phone needs to be rebooted from overuse
    • The use of GPS interferes with data speeds
    • There is unintended Bluetooth pairing
  20. After a security audit, a technician is tasked with implementing new measures to help secure company workstations. The new policy states that all workstations must be signed off at night, a password is necessary to boot the computer, and encryption must be enabled.

    Which of the following features should the technician implement to BEST meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

    • Screen locks
    • Screensaver passwords
    • UEFI passwords
    • Login time restrictions
    • Strong passwords
    • Multifactor authentication
    • BitLocker
    • Credential Manager
    • Smart card
    • Biometric authentication