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220-1002 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 : Part 06

  1. A new business will be using credit cards in a physical location as well as its web presence.

    Which of the following does the business need?

    • PHI certification
    • PCI compliance
    • POTS implementation
    • PII filtering
  2. A technician has been dispatched to resolve a malware problem on a user’s workstation. The antivirus program discovered several hundred potential malware items on the workstation and removed them successfully. The technician decides to schedule daily scans on the system, enables System Restore, and creates a restore point.

    Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

    • Run the scan again to ensure all malware has been removed
    • Quarantine the infected workstation from the network
    • Install all of the latest Windows Updates to patch the system
    • Educate the user on safe browsing practices
  3. A user’s smartphone is experiencing limited bandwidth when at home. The user reports to a technician that the device functions properly when at work or in the car.

    Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician take NEXT?

    • Reset the device’s network settings
    • Check the data usage statistics on the device
    • Verify the SSID with which the device is associated
    • Run any pending application or OS updates
  4. A company’s security policy does not allow USB drives to be available in workstations. However, an exception needs to be made for a user. The network administrator changes the policy for the user.

    Which of the following commands should the administrator run on the user’s workstation?

    • chkdsk
    • netstat
    • gpupdate
    • diskpart
  5. A user’s computer is suspected of hosting illegal files. The IT department has removed the computer and placed it in a secured, cypher-locked room, where it will remain until the local authorities arrive.

    Which of the following actions should the IT department perform NEXT?

    • Preserve data integrity
    • Identify violations of acceptable use
    • Collect evidence of illegal activity
    • Report through proper channels
  6. Which of the following would a technician use to store memory chips from a laptop safely after an upgrade?

    • Mylar bags
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Antistatic containers
    • Paper envelopes
  7. Joe, a user, reports that several of his colleagues have received a suspicious email from his account that he did not send. A technician asks one of the colleagues to forward the email for inspection. After ruling out spoofing, the technician verifies the email originated from the corporate email server.

    Which of the following is the FIRST step the technician should take to correct this issue?

    • See if Joe’s email address has been blacklisted
    • Change the password on Joe’s email account
    • Update the antivirus and perform a full scan on the PC
    • Isolate Joe’s computer from the network
  8. A user notices recent print jobs are not printing to the local printer despite printing fine yesterday. There are no errors indicated on the taskbar printer icon.

    Which of the following actions should the user take FIRST?

    • Check to ensure the printer selected is the default printer
    • Check the status of the print server queue
    • Cancel all documents and print them again
    • Check that the printer is not in offline print mode
  9. A systems administrator has discovered a folder on the server with numerous inappropriate pictures and videos, which is in violation of the company’s AUP.

    Which of the following would be the NEXT appropriate act?

    • Promptly notify the administrator’s immediate supervisor
    • Rename the folder on the server, and notify the information security officer
    • Move the folder to another location on the server, and notify the local authorities
    • Ask the owner to move the files from the server to a local computer
  10. A technician is disposing of computer hardware that contains PHI. The drive must be reusable.

    Which of the following methods should be used?

    • Degauss
    • Drive wipe
    • Standard format
    • Low-level format
  11. Which of the following provide the MOST security for PCs and mobile devices? (Choose two.)

    • Access control lists
    • Multifactor authentication
    • Organizational unit
    • Trusted software sources
    • Data loss prevention
    • Pre-shared key
  12. A network administrator needs to be able to securely connect to a local router from within the office.

    Which of the following protocols should the administrator ensure is enabled on the router?

    • RDP
    • SSH
    • TFTP
    • HTTP
  13. A customer purchased a 3TB HDD to use with a Windows 7 PC and wants to have letter “J” assigned only to the drive.

    Which of the following types of partitioning should be performed to give the customer full use of the 3 TB drive?

    • GPT
    • Dynamic
    • Basic
    • Extended
  14. Users notify the help desk of an email that was just received. The email came from the help desk’s email address and asked the users to click on an embedded link.

    This email is BEST described as:

    • phishing.
    • zombie.
    • whaling.
    • spoofing.
  15. A technician responds to a call from a user who claims to have a virus on a workstation. The technician observes the following notification from the system tray:

    There are 1033 infected files on this computer. Click here to disinfect.

    Which of the following should the technician complete to secure the computer with MINIMAL impact to the user?

    • Compare the startup items and services to a known clean image, and remove any startup items not found in the other image. Run an anti-malware scan.
    • Validate that the alerts are false positives, and disable security software on the workstation to prevent further false notifications.
    • Back up the user’s files. Restore the system to the original system image designated by corporate IT policies. Restore the user’s files.
    • Request a content filter exception to allow access to the link from the notification. Once available, follow the instructions on the linked site.
  16. A user’s corporate email is missing the shared inbox folders that were present before the user went on vacation. The technician verifies the user is connected to the domain and can still send and receive email.

    Which of the following is MOST likely causing the missing folders issue?

    • The Internet security options have changed
    • The operating system updates have changed
    • The network directory permissions have changed
    • The user account permissions have changed
  17. During the firmware upgrade of a web server, a power outage occurred. The outage caused a failure within the upgrade.

    Which of the following plans must be implemented to revert back to the most recent version of the firmware?

    • Backout plan
    • Contingency plan
    • Alternative plan
    • Backup plan
  18. An office manager emails a technical support contractor about a new desktop for one of the workers. The office manager provides a specific configuration for the desktop. The technician notes the request will require the purchase of a new system. New system purchases are not in the scope of the support agreement.

    Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

    • Create a risk analysis report for review
    • Submit a change order for approval
    • Insist the worker accepts the standard desktop
    • Document the request and place the order
  19. Which of the following installation methods will allow a technician to resolve issues that may arise while the installation is being performed?

    • Unattended installation
    • Remote installation
    • Repair installation
    • Image deployment installation
  20. A new company policy states that all end-user access to network resources will be controlled based on the users’ roles and responsibilities within the organization.

    Which of the following security concepts has the company just enabled?

    • Certificates
    • Least privilege
    • Directory permissions
    • Blacklists