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CLO-002 : CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ : Part 03

  1. A company is migrating a legacy application to the cloud. Two C-level executives are currently engaged in the initial stages of the migration, and they are planning a rip-and-replace approach.

    Before initiating the project, the FIRST step should be to identify:

    • the required network performance.
    • the key stakeholders.
    • the desired CSP.
    • the required cloud services.
    • the required amount of storage.
  2. A company migrated all of its infrastructure to the cloud. The cloud security team must review the security post-migration.

    Which of the following is the MOST appropriate task for the cloud security team to perform?

    • Risk register
    • Threat assessment
    • Application scan
    • Vulnerability scan
  3. A company wants to migrate mission-critical applications to the cloud. In order for technicians to build, decommission, and perform other routine functions, which of the following cloud characteristics would BEST satisfy this business requirement?

    • Self-service
    • Elasticity
    • Broad network access
    • Availability
  4. A company deploys a data management capability that reduces RPO. Which of the following BEST describes the capability needed?

    • Locality
    • Replication
    • Portability
    • Archiving
  5. A company is required to move its human resources application to the cloud to reduce capital expenses. The IT team does a feasibility analysis and learns the application requires legacy infrastructure and cannot be moved to the cloud.

    Which of the following is the MOST appropriate cloud migration approach for the company?

    • Lift and shift
    • Hybrid
    • Rip and replace
    • In-place upgrade
  6. A company wants to process a batch job in a faster, cost-effective manner. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

    • Implement right-sizing.
    • Increase CPU usage.
    • Utilize spot instances.
    • Add storage.
  7. An IT team documented the procedure for upgrading an existing IT resource within the cloud. Which of the following BEST describes this procedure?

    • Security procedure
    • Incident management
    • Change management
    • Standard operating procedure
  8. A business analysis team is reviewing a report to try to determine the costs for a cloud application. The report does not allow separating costs by application.

    Which of the following should the team use to BEST report on the costs of the specific cloud application?

    • Right-sizing
    • Content management
    • Optimization
    • Resource tagging
  9. A cloud administrator configures a server to insert an entry into a log file whenever an administrator logs in to the server remotely. Which of the following BEST describes the type of policy being used?

    • Audit
    • Authorization
    • Hardening
    • Access
  10. A company is migrating its e-commerce platform to a cloud service provider. The e-commerce site has a significant number of images. Which of the following is the BEST storage type for storing the images?

    • Object
    • Cold
    • File
    • Block
  11. A small business is engaged with a cloud provider to migrate from on-premises CRM software. The contract includes fixed costs associated with the product. Which of the following variable costs must be considered?

    • Time to market
    • Operating expenditure fees
    • BYOL costs
    • Human capital
  12. A company is discontinuing its use of a cloud provider. Which of the following should the provider do to ensure there is no sensitive data stored in the company’s cloud?

    • Replicate the data.
    • Encrypt the data.
    • Lock in the data.
    • Sanitize the data.
  13. An online retailer wants to ensure its inventory for the holiday season is correct. The company does not have a large IT infrastructure or staff to collect and analyze sales information, customer analytics, marketing information, or trends. Which of the following cloud services will help the company analyze these metrics without a large investment in human capital?

    • Containerization
    • Big Data
    • Microservices
    • Blockchain
  14. Which of the following is an example of outsourcing administration in the context of the cloud?

    • Managed services
    • Audit by a third party
    • Community support
    • Premium support
  15. A cloud systems administrator needs to log in to a remote Linux server that is hosted in a public cloud. Which of the following protocols will the administrator MOST likely use?

    • HTTPS
    • RDP
    • Secure Shell
    • Virtual network computing
  16. Which of the following is the cloud storage technology that would allow a company with 12 nearly identical servers to have the SMALLEST storage footprint?

    • Capacity on demand
    • Compression
    • Software-defined storage
    • Deduplication
  17. A company has a perpetual license for a database application. Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective option when moving to the cloud?

    • Fixed
    • Subscription
    • EULA
    • BYOL
  18. A vendor stipulates it will provide incident response within two hours of a severity level A incident.

    Which of the following does this describe?

    • Maintenance agreement
    • Managed service agreement
    • Operating level agreement
    • Service level agreement
  19. Which of the following would BEST provide access to a Windows VDI?

    • RDP
    • VPN
    • SSH
    • HTTPS
  20. Which of the following technologies would help a game company prepare its cloud infrastructure to support a global distribution workload of a newly released online game? (Choose two.)

    • Auto-scaling
    • VDI
    • Data portability
    • CDN
    • Templates
    • Blockchain