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CV0-002 : CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) : Part 08

  1. A cloud provider wants to automate the installation of standard applications and services as part of the PaaS environment. The provider generates scripts for installation and configuration, taking into account the values provided by the users as input. The scripts need to be run automatically as part of the provisioning process and reused later for other purposes.

    Which of the following would help the provider do this?

    • Provisioning
    • Orchestration
    • Self-service portal
    • Baselines
  2. A company wants to ensure production data is not exposed during a functional and load testing exercise, as it will be the source of the data.

    Which of the following techniques should the cloud administrator deploy to ensure testing requirements are met?

    • Data masking
    • Data Deduplication
    • Data Mirroring
    • Data replication
  3. A company recently decided to move some of its servers to a public cloud. The engineer has been invited to attend requirement sessions for moving servers to the cloud. The engineer is tasked with ensuring the servers that are being moved to the cloud are still in compliance, as they were on-premises.

    Which of the following should the engineer request during the requirement sessions?

    • Syslog server
    • Administrator access to the cloud service
    • Configuration management tool
    • Orchestration tool
  4. Following is a sample result from a recently completed load test.

    CV0-002 Part 08 Q04 029
    CV0-002 Part 08 Q04 029

    Based on the information provided, which of the following would be the BEST recommendation?

    • Use the test result as a benchmark and document it.
    • Downsize the CPU and memory assignment.
    • Decrease assigned storage capacity.
    • Implement storage compression.
  5. An administrator needs to make a file-level backup of a VM before deploying monthly updates. The backup should capture all changes since the last backup but should NOT reset the archive bit on any files.

    Which of the following backup types BEST meets these requirements?

    • Incremental
    • Full
    • Snapshot
    • Differential
    • Delta Tracking
  6. As part of a nightly testing process, new version of an application is deployed to the set of web servers in the development environment.

    Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure the test environment is consistent with the previous night’s test?

    • Clone the development web servers to the test environment.
    • Reprovision the web servers using predefined templates.
    • Undeploy the previous application and deploy the new version.
    • Revert to a previous state using configuration management tools.
  7. A company wants to deploy new compute resources efficiently through automation.

    Which of the following is a key success factor to achieve automation?

    • Deploy virtualized resources to the cloud.
    • Ensure surplus compute resources are available.
    • Move security testing to the end of the process.
    • Establish and document standard changes.
  8. A cloud administrator is given a requirement to maintain a copy of all system logs for seven years. All servers are deployed in a public cloud provider’s environment.

    Which of the following is the MOST cost-efficient solution for retaining these logs?

    • Create a long-term storage repository at the cloud provider. Have all logs copied to the cloud storage device.
    • Schedule a nightly job on each server to archive all logs. Copy them to a compressed drive on the server.
    • Configure SMTP services on each server and schedule a nightly job to email the logs to the cloud administrator team’s email account.
    • Configure a nightly job on each server to copy all logs to a single server. Schedule a job on the server to archive those logs into a compressed drive.
  9. A cloud administrator is load balancing six VMs on an IaaS cloud service. The organization has an SLA stating the application should be available 99.999% of the time. At present, the six VMs are handling the load from one region and three availability zones. System baselines have confirmed there must be at least six VMs to handle this load.

    Given this scenario, which of the following should the administrator recommend to BEST meet these requirements?

    • Implement and procure three VMs and spread them across three availability zones.
    • Implement and procure six VMs and add them to the three existing availability zones.
    • Implement and procure another region and set up three VMs across three availability zones.
    • Implement and procure another region and set up six VMs across three availability zones.
  10. A company needs to meet the security requirements for PII. Which of the following cloud service models allows the company to have the MOST control to meet the security requirements?

    • SaaS
    • laaS
    • PaaS
    • XaaS
  11. At 2:00 a.m each day, the database team runs a batch job to import the sales data for the day, index it, and generate sales reports for the next day. The team has informed the cloud administrator that sales data is expected to increase in the next month and will take longer to complete. The current environment uses several batch servers that process chunks of data individually.

    Which of the following is the BEST approach for the cloud administrator to take to handle the increased load?

    • Reschedule the nightly batch job to start at midnight to allow for more processing time.
    • Configure an auto-scaling group for the existing batch processing servers.
    • Manually add more batch processing servers to the cloud environment.
    • Increase the CPU and memory resources to the existing batch processing servers.
  12. An automation performs the following on a monthly basis:

    – Disable accounts that have not logged on in the last 60 days
    – Remove firewall rules with zero hits in the last 30 days
    – Remove DNS entries that have not been updated in the last 60 days
    – Archive all logs that are more than 30 days old

    Six weeks after this new automation is implemented, an internal client reports that quarterly replication failover testing has failed.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the failed test?

    • Disabling accounts
    • Removing firewall rules
    • Removing DNS entries
    • Archiving logs
  13. Users at a university are experiencing slow response and performance issues with private cloud services. The university was compromised, and a loss of bandwidth utilization was reported.

    Without deploying new software, which of the following should be performed to determine the cause of the issues?

    • Send all logs for all cloud components to an event and incident management system for correlation and review.
    • Locate all load balancers in the cloud and replace them with the latest version of content delivery controllers.
    • Install sniffing tools, catalog the type of traffic, and capture all traffic to and from the target systems.
    • Implement and update an antivirus solution to the cloud infrastructure to detect potential threats.
  14. Joe, a customer, wants to implement backup of his replicated VMs so production performance is not affected at the primary site.

    Which of the following backup methods would be the MOST appropriate?

    • Snapshot-based backup at the secondary site
    • Mirroring to a third site from the primary site
    • Agent-based backup at the primary site
    • Agent-based backup at the secondary site
  15. A cloud administrator has to migrate from an on-premises to a public cloud. The administrator has 20 physical servers and 600 virtual instances to migrate within a month.

    Which of the following should the administrator analyze?

    • The maintenance window, network bandwidth, and virtual instances sizes.
    • The virtual instances sizes, archive repository size, and maintenance window.
    • The network bandwidth, systems restore point, and virtual instances sizes.
    • The backup window, network bandwidth, and virtual instances sizes.
  16. An entertainment company with a very large movie library is moving all of its production systems to an IaaS cloud. The current lease is expiring in the next month, and the company made a last-minute decision not to renew the lease.

    Which of the following would be the MOST effective way to move all the data to the new cloud provider?

    • Perform an offline storage migration.
    • Perform an online storage migration.
    • Perform an offline VM migration.
    • Perform an online VM migration.
  17. A company has implemented a dual-region (Region 1 and Region 2) cloud strategy from its current CSP. Both regions have the same data in them. Region 2 is experiencing an outage.

    Which of the following is the BEST way to provide service to users in Region 2 during the outage while allowing access to the data?

    • Bring the backup instances online and provide Region 2 users access to their data.
    • Add more network bandwidth to Region 2.
    • Copy Region 1 data to a location in Region 3 and have users access their data.
    • Redirect users from Region 2 to Region 1.
  18. A customer is building a web cluster in which all nodes must access a shared pool of images.

    Which of the following storage types would be BEST for this workload?

    • Block storage
    • File-level access storage
    • Direct attached storage
    • Object Storage
  19. Developers are frustrated by the deployment delay caused by setting up permissions and firewall rules.

    Which of the following would be the BEST way to resolve this issue?

    • Automate security services through the system life cycle.
    • Train all staff on ITIL v3 and document the service management.
    • Escalate to the change manager and reorganize the development team.
    • Outsource security services to a reputable organization.
  20. A pharmaceutical company is migrating its systems and infrastructure to the cloud. Due to security restrictions and regulatory policies, the company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is concerned about moving this information to the cloud.

    Based on the CEO’s concern, which of the following should the company do First?

    • Review compliance requirements.
    • Apply defined audit/compliance requirements.
    • Review company security policies.
    • Update the security tools to systems and services.