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CV0-002 : CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) : Part 10

  1. A cloud technology vendor has released an update to its product. A company providing cloud services need to quickly adopt the update to provide support to its customers.

    Which of the following is the MOST efficient action to complete this task?

    • Use a virtualization tool to apply patches to cloud resources.
    • Use an automatic system restart to update the cloud resources.
    • Use an orchestration tool to automate updates across cloud resources.
    • Use custom scripts to distribute the release to the cloud resources.
  2. A cloud administrator sets up performance monitoring, which raises alerts. The monitoring runs periodically and checks for the suggested parameters. However, alerts are not being raised in a timely fashion.

    Which of the following is the MOST appropriate action to resolve the issue?

    • Shorten the probing period for alerts.
    • Configure schedule alerts.
    • Enable autocorrelation for alerts.
    • Implement scaling alerts.
  3. A cloud administrator has deployed a new web application to a private cloud. The application platform consists of two web servers that communicate to a redundant database back end. The traffic to the web servers is directed by a load balancer appliance. The administrator connects to the website on each of the webservers individually and confirms they are able to log in.

    Which of the following aspects of the application has the administrator tested successfully?

    • Connectivity
    • Failover
    • Data Integrity
    • Performance
  4. A consultant is helping a gaming-as-a-service company set up a new cloud. The company recently bought several graphic cards that need to be added to the servers.

    Which of the following should the consultant suggest as the MOST cost effective?

    • Private
    • Public
    • Community
    • SaaS
  5. A company is subcontracting part of a large project to another company. Management wants to ensure that there is a secure way for employees from both companies to share data without exposing internal information to employees at the other company.

    Which of the following cloud models BEST serves this purpose?

    • Hybrid
    • Public
    • Private
    • Community
  6. It is taking an unusually long time for a financial division to run monthly reports on its SaaS-based, multitenant application. The cloud provider has grown exponentially, and more financial industry clients have moved their processing to the SaaS provider.

    Which of the following is the MOST probable cause of the issue?

    • The SSL certificate used by the SaaS provider has expired and is no longer valid.
    • Some of the new tenants are not from the financial industry and are causing data integrity issues.
    • The CSP did not keep up with the growth and the appropriate supporting infrastructure.
    • The licensing limit has been exceeded on the SaaS-based, multitenant application server.
  7. A mobile subscriber is experiencing random limited-service outages. Customers report being unable to make calls or browse. The service provider management console is not showing any alarms, errors, or critical logs, but does show a large number of connection request failures.

    Which of the following could be the problem?

    • Misconfigured federation
    • IP address limitations
    • SSO failure
    • Unavailable directory service
  8. A cloud administrator needs to configure multiple web servers to participate actively in workload processing.

    Which of the following will BEST help the administrator achieve this goal?

    • Deploy availability group and enable autoscaling.
    • Deploy availability group and enable load balancing.
    • Deploy a reverse proxy in the DMZ.
    • Deploy an HA group and make each website public.
  9. A private cloud is using the iSCSI protocol for connection from storage to hypervisors. This connection is not encrypted currently, and the systems administrator is tasked with enabling on-the-fly encryption.

    Which of the following technologies should the administrator use?

    • PKI
    • IPSec
    • HTTPS
    • LUN encryption
  10. A Big Data analytics company wants to ensure its data is protected at rest.

    Which of the following is the BEST hardware-based solution?

    • Self-encrypting disk
    • Tokenization
    • LUN masking
    • Deduplication
  11. Joe, a developer, has a virtualization environment consisting of four hosts. Joe needs to configure the environment to be able to place new VMs automatically to the recommended host with more resources.

    Which of the following must be enabled on the environment to achieve this?

    • Dynamic power control
    • Workload scheduling
    • High Availability
    • Load balancing
  12. A rural manufacturing company wants to move all IT services, including the industrial control systems, to the cloud.

    Given this scenario, which of the following cloud services elements would be a challenge to the deployment?

    • Computing capacity flexibility
    • Industrial control system security
    • Integrated service digital network
    • Network broadband access
  13. A new service request asks for all members of the finance department to have access to the accounting department’s file server VMs on the private cloud environment.

    Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to fulfill this service request?

    • Set up duplicate file server VMs that the finance department has access to and enable two-way replication.
    • Add all users of the finance department to the accounting departments file server VMs access lists.
    • Implement a single sign-on and two-factor authentication solution using a soft token.
    • Create a new group for the finance department that will allow access to the accounting department’s file server VMs.
  14. A cloud engineer received a support call indicating web apps running on an IaaS server are unavailable. The engineer took the following trouble-shooting steps:

    – Hypothesized the server outage is considered to be the cause of the problem.
    – Performed rollback of applied patches.
    – Ensured all web apps are running correctly.
    – Documented the incident.

    Which of the following troubleshooting methodology steps did the cloud engineer overlook?

    • Establish the theory of probable cause.
    • Establish a plan of action and implement the solution.
    • Test the theory to determine the cause.
    • Verify system functionality.
  15. An administrator is performing a migration of a physical cluster that uses boot from SAN into private cloud. The systems administrator needs to minimize the downtime required.

    Which of the following migrations is the BEST option for the systems administrator to use?

    • P2V with cold system cloning on the storage infrastructure.
    • P2V with storage migration on the hypervisor.
    • P2V with copy of the LUNs into data stores for hypervisor access.
    • P2V with raw device mapping/pass-through LUNs on the storage system.
  16. A VM was successfully tested in a lab environment. As part of the deployment preparation, the image needs to be backed up for use in the multi-rollout accompanied by orchestration templates.

    Which of the following should be used to create the image?

    • Snapshot
    • Replica
    • Full
    • Clone
  17. A company has a private cloud NAC solution in place to prevent unauthorized/non-company assets from connecting to the internal network. A cloud systems administrator cannot add a new physical server to the existing functioning cluster.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

    • Server objects were deleted.
    • The DNS and DHCP servers are down.
    • The new physical server has a faulty NIC.
    • Server MAC addresses are not being updated.
  18. A technician receives a call from Joe, a user, who is unable to log into any of the company’s SaaS application. The applications are provided by multiple vendors. Joe reports his credentials were working previously, and he is able to log into the locally hosted applications with the same credentials.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of Joe’s issues?

    • There is an error with the federation service.
    • The user’s account is locked out.
    • The user’s security token has expired.
    • The user’s personal certificate has expired.
  19. A cloud architect is deploying a VM in a public IaaS cloud. The software that will be installed on the VM is not compatible with any of the OS versions in the system images offered by the IaaS vendor.

    Which of the following is the BEST way to deploy a VM with the required OS?

    • Develop a VM image on an on-premises hypervisor and send it on a physical hard drive to the cloud provider’s datacenter.
    • Use a bare metal service instead of IaaS and verify that the bring-your-own OS feature is available.
    • Develop a VM image on an on-premises hypervisor and upload it to the cloud via API.
    • Host the server on premises and integrate it with the IaaS service using the hybrid cloud model.
  20. Recent feedback from an employee engagement survey stated that users are frustrated with multiple logins to different SaaS providers, and the cloud engineering teams is directed to address this issue and implement a solution. The security policy states that users must access the SaaS from approved IP addresses.

    Which of the following is the BEST and most efficient solution to deploy?

    • Deploy an IPSec tunnel to each SaaS provider and enable biometric login.
    • Deploy a smart card login and change passwords to each SaaS vendor every 30 days.
    • Deploy a CASB solution and whitelist the approved SaaS applications.
    • Deploy SSO and enforce VPN access to the corporate domain.