CV0-002 : CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) : Part 12

  1. An administrator needs to deploy a new release of an application in a way that allows a quick rollback to the previous version of the application. Which of the following is the BEST strategy to apply?

    • Deploy the application to a set of servers in small batches. If a rollback is necessary, restore the previous deployment from snapshots or backups.
    • Deploy the application to a subset of servers that expose the new application. Direct all traffic to these servers. If a rollback is necessary, redirect all traffic to the previous subset of servers.
    • Deploy the application to the servers in a backup datacenter or secondary cloud deployment. Shut down the servers in the primary datacenter, forcing all traffic to the failover location. If a rollback is necessary, restart the primary environment and shut down the secondary environment.
    • Deploy the application to all servers in the datacenter or cloud environment. If a rollback is necessary, undeploy the application and deploy the previous version.
  2. Below is the output from a troubleshooting activity:

    SaaS application is unavailable to a set of users at a single site.
    WAN connectivity was considered to be the cause of the problem.
    Upon testing, it seemed the WAN connectivity was up, but the default gateway was unreachable from the internal users.
    The faulty switch was replaced to bring up the connectivity.
    The incident was documented.

    Based on the methodology, which of the following steps was overlooked during the activity?

    • Problem identification
    • Establish theory of probable cause
    • Verify full system functionality
    • Establish a plan of action and implement the solution
  3. A production IaaS database server contains PCI data and is a critical business capability. The CAB approved a normal code change release for QA and PROD to occur 30 minutes apart and to last a maximum of one hour. The cloud DBA team is 45 minutes behind schedule, so they miss the start time on QA. As the cloud DBA, which of the following is the BEST course of action to apply the code change?

    • Skip QA and apply the code change to PROD to meet time requirements
    • Resubmit another change request for another time for approval
    • Submit an emergency CAB approval to change the time to after business hours
    • Change the time in the CAB request and apply the code change at a more convenient time
  4. A customer wants to remove a user’s access to the SaaS CRM system. Which of the following methods should be executed FIRST?

    • User account removal
    • User account lockout
    • User account password change
    • User account disablement
  5. Since the hypervisors were upgraded to the latest version, each new deployment results in an error being displayed at the orchestrator. To troubleshoot the issue, which of the following should be done FIRST?

    • Verify the domain account is not locked
    • Upgrade the orchestrator to the latest version
    • Confirm the compatibility matrix
    • Upgrade the VMs to the latest version
  6. A company is required to ensure all access to its cloud instance for all users to utilize two-factor authentication. The QA team confirms all functional requirements successfully test. After deployment, all business users report the two-factor authentication is not enforced while accessing the instance. Which of the following would be the MOST likely reason the QA team did not catch the issue?

    • The business users are using the wrong hardware token to log in.
    • The administrator configured to use two-factor authentication by default.
    • The QA team only tested functional requirements.
    • The business users are accessing the instance located in their country.
  7. The IT department receives a client request to build multiple file server instances. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way for a cloud systems administrator to fulfill this request?

    • Build file server instances with the OEM DVD
    • Restore a file server base image from backup
    • Use the file server template to build the file server instances
    • Build the server instances using a boot from a SAN image
  8. A cloud administrator is securing data-at-rest and data-in-transit featured on an IaaS cloud platform. The volume to be secured is mounted storage from the same region and availability zone. The data is transferred via FTP to another Linux server in a secure manner in another availability zone, with the same data-at-rest requirements. Given this scenario, which of the following security tools, services, and/or protocols would satisfy these requirements in the MOST secure manner? (Choose three.)

    • Ensure SSHv1 remote connection protocol is enabled.
    • Ensure SSHv2 remote connection protocol is enabled.
    • Ensure SSLv3 transport protocol is enabled.
    • Ensure TLSv1.2 transport protocol is enabled.
    • Ensure AES encryption is enabled.
    • Ensure 3DES encryption is enabled.
    • Ensure MD5 hashing is enabled.
  9. A company has an internal SLA for CPU and RAM oversubscription that should stay below 120%. Storage utilization should stay below 90% with oversubscription below 160%. Given the following:

    CV0-002 Part 12 Q09 042
    CV0-002 Part 12 Q09 042

    Which of the following should be done to meet the SLA?

    • Install a different hypervisor
    • Add RAM to the hypervisors and new shelves to the storage array
    • Add RAM to the hypervisors and increase the CPU clock
    • Add CPU and RAM to the cluster
  10. Company A recently acquired Company B. A cloud administrator needs to give access to the accounting and time-reporting systems for Company B’s employees. Company A’s employees use a single account to access both systems. To give access to Company B’s employees, the cloud administrator should:

    • add Company B’s user account management system to the federated identity system
    • create a new account in each system for Company B’s employees and distribute the credentials
    • create a shared account named “Company B” and distribute the credentials to those who need access
    • add new accounts in Company A’s account management system, mirroring those in Company B’s
  11. A systems administrator created several new VMs on a private cloud and wants to ensure the new baseline still meets corporate guidelines. The administrator finds the following new load numbers on the hosts:

    CV0-002 Part 12 Q11 043
    CV0-002 Part 12 Q11 043

    If corporate policy requires N+1 host capacity, which of the following metrics is MOST likely to present a problem?

    • CPU
    • RAM
    • DISK
  12. Which of the following provides the BEST approach for deploying multiple new firewalls into an IaaS cloud environment with minimal errors?

    • Manual deployment configuration
    • Cloud provider installation
    • Automated and orchestrated deployment
    • Firewall configuration clone
  13. A cloud engineer is deploying a new application to a multicloud platform. After running the script, the engineer sees the VMs were not created on one of the cloud providers. The engineer confirms the proper credentials are being used for all cloud providers and there is available capacity. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the deployment failure?

    • The cloud provider was not available.
    • The application does not have an adequate number of licenses.
    • The additional cloud provider is in a separate time zone.
    • The script created to be deployed does not match the cloud provider API.
  14. A cloud administrator is deploying a memory-intensive, three-tier web application with a database back end to one server in an IaaS cloud platform. The minimum application memory requirements are as follows:

    RAM for Web Service Role: 1024MB
    RAM for Application Service Role: 2048MB
    RAM for Database Service Role: 4192MB

    Configuration requirements state that web content should be separated from the operating system on another drive. Given this scenario, which of the following is the minimum amount of RAM required in GB and what is the most optimal logical volume design to BEST meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

    • 5GB
    • 6GB
    • 7GB
    • C:\Drive: OS, Web Service Role, Application Service Role, Database Service Role
    • C:\Drive: OS
      G:\Drive: Web Service Role, Application Service Role, Database Service Role
    • C:\ Drive: OS, Web Service Role
      G:\Drive: Application Service Role, Database Service Role
  15. Joe, a cloud administrator, is no longer able to SSH to his cloud management console after he returns from a two-week vacation. A coworker was able to connect from the management station with no issue. During the last two weeks, the desktop team replaced all administrator machines with newer ones. Which of the following must Joe do FIRST to troubleshoot his access?

    • Rename the SSH key folder on his machine to keys_allow.
    • Ensure he has the same host key as his coworker.
    • Ensure his host is configured to use the correct load balancer.
    • Ensure the management console is configured with the correct host key.
  16. After running monthly capacity reports on private cloud hosts, an engineer decides the CPU overcommitment ratio on the cluster is affecting performance on the VMs. If the engineer is trying to minimize costs, which of the following actions is the engineer MOST likely to take?

    • Increase the socket count on cloud hosts.
    • Turn on ballooning on the VMs.
    • Decrease the core count on the VMs.
    • Deploy more VMs to each host.
  17. The on-premises database server is experiencing high memory and CPU utilization over the course of a month. The current on-premises infrastructure is at capacity with no ability to scale up. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has asked the CSA to provide a solution without any capital expenditure. Which of the following is the BEST solution to resolve the issue?

    • Increase CPU on the database server.
    • Allocate more RAM to the database server.
    • Increase storage on the database server.
    • Migrate the database to DBaaS.
    • Migrate the database to a new server.
  18. A real-time video-streaming company is determining the best cloud provider for high network performance, availability, and reliability requirements for the company’s all-in cloud strategy. The new service should survive any regional disruption without any customer downtime. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

    • The cloud provider is available in two regions, and it provides high SLA. The maximum RTT is below 50ms, and the dropped packets are below 2%.
    • The cloud provider offer and hybrid solution, in three regions with maximum RTT, is below 50ms, and the dropped packets are below 2%.
    • The cloud provider is available in three availability zones, the average RTT is below 50ms, and the dropped packets are below 2%.
    • The cloud provider is available in two regions. The average RTT is below 50ms, and the dropped packets are below 2%.
  19. A systems administrator migrated a company’s CRM middleware to a VPC and left the database in the company’s datacenter. The CRM application is now accessible over the Internet. A VPN between the company network and the VPC is used for the middleware to communicate with the database server. Since the migration, users are experiencing high application latency. Which of the following should the company do to resolve the latency issue?

    • Increase the resources for the middleware.
    • Add more resources to the VPC.
    • Move the database into the cloud.
    • Implement load balancers in the VPC.
  20. The risk and compliance team mandates that all PII should be sent via secure and encrypted channels via webmail. As the SaaS administrator, which of the following is the BEST method for implementing data governance?

    • Data custodian register
    • Information usage policy
    • Data classification matrix
    • Fileshare permissions