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CV1-003 : CompTIA Cloud+ : Part 03

  1. An organization is running a database application on a SATA disk, and a customer is experiencing slow performance most of the time.

    Which of the following should be implemented to improve application performance?

    • Increase disk capacity
    • Increase the memory and network bandwidth
    • Upgrade the application
    • Upgrade the environment and use SSD drives
  2. A company is switching from one cloud provider to another and needs to complete the migration as quickly as possible.

    Which of the following is the MOST important consideration to ensure a seamless migration?

    • The cost of the environment
    • The I/O of the storage
    • Feature compatibility
    • Network utilization
  3. A company wants to implement business continuity, and the cloud solution architect needs to design the correct solution.

    Which of the following will provide the data to measure business continuity? (Choose two.)

    • A service-level agreement
    • Automation scripts
    • Playbooks
    • A network diagram
    • A backup and restore
    • A recovery time objective
  4. A company recently subscribed to a SaaS collaboration service for its business users. The company also has an on-premises collaboration solution and would like users to have a seamless experience regardless of the collaboration solution being used.

    Which of the following should the administrator implement?

    • LDAP
    • WAF
    • VDI
    • SSO
  5. A systems administrator has migrated an internal application to a public cloud. The new web server is running under a TLS connection and has the same TLS certificate as the internal application that is deployed. However, the IT department reports that only internal users who are using new versions of the OSs are able to load the application home page.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

    • The local firewall from older OSs is not allowing outbound connections
    • The local firewall from older OSs is not allowing inbound connections
    • The cloud web server is using a self-signed certificate that is not supported by older browsers
    • The cloud web server is using strong ciphers that are not supported by older browsers
  6. A cloud administrator recently noticed that a number of files stored at a SaaS provider’s file-sharing service were deleted. As part of the root cause analysis, the administrator noticed the parent folder permissions were modified last week. The administrator then used a test user account and determined the permissions on the files allowed everyone to have write access.

    Which of the following is the best step for the administrator to take NEXT?

    • Identify the changes to the file-sharing service and document
    • Acquire a third-party DLP solution to implement and manage access
    • Test the current access permissions to the file-sharing service
    • Define and configure the proper permissions for the file-sharing service
  7. A systems administrator is provisioning VMs in a cloud environment and has been told to select an OS build with the furthest end-of-life date.

    Which of the following OS builds would be BEST for the systems administrator to use?

    • Open-source
    • LTS
    • Canary
    • Beta
    • Stable
  8. A systems administrator is deploying a new storage array for backups. The array provides 1PB of raw disk space and uses 14TB nearline SAS drives. The solution must tolerate at least two failed drives in a single RAID set.

    Which of the following RAID levels satisfies this requirement?

    • RAID 0
    • RAID 1
    • RAID 5
    • RAID 6
    • RAID 10
  9. A cloud administrator is reviewing the authentication and authorization mechanism implemented within the cloud environment. Upon review, the administrator discovers the sales group is part of the finance group, and the sales team members can access the financial application. Single sign-on is also implemented, which makes access much easier.

    Which of the following access control rules should be changed?

    • Discretionary-based
    • Attribute-based
    • Mandatory-based
    • Role-based
  10. A systems administrator needs to configure SSO authentication in a hybrid cloud environment.

    Which of the following is the BEST technique to use?

    • Access controls
    • Federation
    • Multifactor authentication
    • Certificate authentication
  11. A cloud architect is designing the VPCs for a new hybrid cloud deployment. The business requires the following:

    – High availability
    – Horizontal auto-scaling
    – 60 nodes peak capacity per region
    – Five reserved network IP addresses per subnet
    – /24 range

    Which of the following would BEST meet the above requirements?

    • Create two /25 subnets in different regions
    • Create three /25 subnets in different regions
    • Create two /26 subnets in different regions
    • Create three /26 subnets in different regions
    • Create two /27 subnets in different regions
    • Create three /27 subnets in different regions
  12. In an existing IaaS instance, it is required to deploy a single application that has different versions.

    Which of the following should be recommended to meet this requirement?

    • Deploy using containers
    • Install a Type 2 hypervisor
    • Enable SR-IOV on the host
    • Create snapshots
  13. A media company has made the decision to migrate a physical, internal file server to the cloud and use a web-based interface to access and manage the files. The users must be able to use their current corporate logins.

    Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to achieve this goal?

    • Deploy a VM in a cloud, attach storage, and copy the files across
    • Use a SaaS service with a directory service federation
    • Deploy a fileshare in a public cloud and copy the files across
    • Copy the files to the object storage location in a public cloud
  14. A systems administrator for an e-commerce company will be migrating the company’s main website to a cloud provider. The principal requirement is that the website must be highly available.

    Which of the following will BEST address this requirement?

    • Vertical scaling
    • A server cluster
    • Redundant switches
    • A next-generation firewall
  15. An organization is required to set a custom registry key on the guest operating system.

    Which of the following should the organization implement to facilitate this requirement?

    • A configuration management solution
    • A log and event monitoring solution
    • A file integrity check solution
    • An operating system ACL
  16. A systems administrator is deploying a GPU-accelerated VDI solution. Upon requests from several users, the administrator installs an older version of the OS on their virtual workstations. The majority of the VMs run the latest LTS version of the OS.

    Which of the following types of drivers will MOST likely ensure compatibility will all virtual workstations?

    • Alternative community drivers
    • Legacy drivers
    • The latest drivers from the vendor’s website
    • The drivers from the OS repository
  17. A cloud engineer is responsible for managing two cloud environments from different MSPs. The security department would like to inspect all traffic from the two cloud environments.

    Which of the following network topology solutions should the cloud engineer implement to reduce long-term maintenance?

    • Chain
    • Star
    • Mesh
    • Hub and spoke
  18. Which of the following is relevant to capacity planning in a SaaS environment?

    • Licensing
    • A hypervisor
    • Clustering
    • Scalability
  19. A cloud administrator is setting up a DR site on a different zone of the same CSP. The application servers are replicated using the VM replication, and the database replication is set up using log shipping. Upon testing the DR site, the application servers are unable to access the database servers. The administrator has verified the systems are running and are accessible from the CSP portal.

    Which of the following should the administrator do to fix this issue?

    • Change the database application IP
    • Create a database cluster between the primary site and the DR site
    • Update the connection string
    • Edit the DNS record at the DR site for the application servers
  20. A company has deployed a new cloud solution and is required to meet security compliance.

    Which of the following will MOST likely be executed in the cloud solution to meet security requirements?

    • Performance testing
    • Regression testing
    • Vulnerability testing
    • Usability testing