CV1-003 : CompTIA Cloud+ : Part 04

  1. A cloud administrator is switching hosting companies and using the same script that was previously used to deploy VMs in the new cloud. The script is returning errors that the command was not found.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the script failure?

    • Account mismatches
    • IP address changes
    • API version incompatibility
    • Server name changes
  2. A systems administrator needs to configure monitoring for a private cloud environment. The administrator has decided to use SNMP for this task.

    Which of the following ports should the administrator open on the monitoring server’s firewall?

    • 53
    • 123
    • 139
    • 161
  3. An organization has the following requirements that need to be met when implementing cloud services:

    – SSO to cloud infrastructure
    – On-premises directory service
    – RBAC for IT staff

    Which of the following cloud models would meet these requirements?

    • Public
    • Community
    • Hybrid
    • Multitenant
  4. A cloud administrator is reviewing a new application implementation document. The administrator needs to make sure all the known bugs and fixes are applied, and unwanted ports and services are disabled.

    Which of the following techniques would BEST help the administrator assess these business requirements?

    • Performance testing
    • Usability testing
    • Vulnerability testing
    • Regression testing
  5. A cloud administrator needs to implement a mechanism to monitor the expense of the company’s cloud resources.

    Which of the following is the BEST option to execute this task with minimal effort?

    • Ask the cloud provider to send a daily expense report
    • Set custom notifications for exceeding budget thresholds
    • Use the API to collect expense information from cloud resources
    • Implement a financial tool to monitor cloud resource expenses
  6. An organization’s web server farm, which is hosted in the cloud with DNS load balancing, is experiencing a spike in network traffic. This has caused an outage of the organization’s web server infrastructure.

    Which of the following should be implemented to prevent this in the future as a mitigation method?

    • Enable DLP
    • Configure microsegmentation
    • Enable DNSSEC
    • Deploy a vADC appliance
  7. A systems administrator is reviewing two CPU models for a cloud deployment. Both CPUs have the same number of cores/threads and run at the same clock speed.

    Which of the following will BEST identify the CPU with more computational power?

    • Simultaneous multithreading
    • Bus speed
    • L3 cache
    • Instructions per cycle
  8. A cloud administrator is building a new VM for a network security appliance. The security appliance installer says the CPU clock speed does not meet the requirements.

    Which of the following will MOST likely solve the issue?

    • Move the VM to a host with a faster CPU
    • Add more vCPUs to the VM
    • Enable CPU masking on the VM
    • Enable hyperthreading on the virtual host
  9. An organization will be deploying a web application in a public cloud with two web servers, two database servers, and a load balancer that is accessible over a single public IP.

    Taking into account the gateway for this subnet and the potential to add two more web servers, which of the following will meet the minimum IP requirement?

  10. A cloud administrator checked out the deployment scripts used to deploy the sandbox environment to a public cloud provider. The administrator modified the script to add an application load balancer in front of the web-based front-end application. The administrator next used the script to recreate a new sandbox environment successfully, and the application was then using the new load balancer.

    The following week, a new update was required to add more front-end servers to the sandbox environment. A second administrator made the necessary changes and checked out the deployment scripts. The second administrator then ran the script, but the application load balancer was missing from the new deployment.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this issue?

    • The license limit on the number of server deployments allowed per month was exceeded
    • The deployment script changes made by the first administrator were not checked in and committed
    • The new server images were incompatible with the application load-balancer configuration
    • The application load balancer exceeded the maximum number of servers it could use
  11. A systems administrator is using VMs to deploy a new solution that contains a number of application VMs.

    Which of the following would provide high availability to the application environment in case of hypervisor failure?

    • Anti-affinity rules
    • Cold migration
    • Live migration
    • Affinity rules
  12. A company just successfully completed a DR test and is ready to shut down its DR site and resume normal operations.

    Which of the following actions should the cloud administrator take FIRST?

    • Initiate a failover
    • Restore backups
    • Configure the network
    • Perform a failback
  13. A cloud administrator has built a new private cloud environment and needs to monitor all computer, storage, and network components of the environment.

    Which of the following protocols would be MOST useful for this task?

    • SMTP
    • SCP
    • SNMP
    • SFTP
  14. Company A has acquired Company B and is in the process of integrating their cloud resources. Company B needs access to Company A’s cloud resources while retaining its IAM solution.

    Which of the following should be implemented?

    • Multifactor authentication
    • Single sign-on
    • Identity federation
    • Directory service
  15. After accidentally uploading a password for an IAM user in plain text, which of the following should a cloud administrator do FIRST?

    • Identify the resources that are accessible to the affected IAM user
    • Remove the published plain-text password
    • Notify users that a data breach has occurred
    • Change the affected IAM user’s password
    • Delete the affected IAM user
  16. A cloud administrator is planning to migrate a globally accessed application to the cloud.

    Which of the following should the cloud administrator implement to BEST reduce latency for all users?

    • Regions
    • Auto-scaling
    • Clustering
    • Cloud bursting
  17. A systems administrator is troubleshooting performance issues with a Windows VDI environment. Users have reported that VDI performance has been slow since the images were upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This VDI environment is used to run simple tasks, such as Microsoft Office. The administrator investigates the virtual machines and finds the following settings:

    – 4 vCPU
    – 16GB RAM
    – 10Gb networking
    – 256MB frame buffer

    Which of the following MOST likely needs to be upgraded?

    • vRAM
    • vCPU
    • vGPU
    • vNIC
  18. A SAN that holds VM files is running out of storage space.

    Which of the following will BEST increase the amount of effective storage on the SAN?

    • Enable encryption
    • Increase IOPS
    • Convert the SAN from RAID 50 to RAID 60
    • Configure deduplication
  19. A storage array that is used exclusively for datastores is being decommissioned, and a new array has been installed. Now the private cloud administrator needs to migrate the data.

    Which of the following migration methods would be the BEST to use?

    • Conduct a V2V migration
    • Perform a storage live migration
    • Rsync the data between arrays
    • Use a storage vendor migration appliance
  20. A company developed a product using a cloud provider’s PaaS platform and many of the platform-based components within the application environment.

    Which of the following would the company MOST likely be concerned about when utilizing a multicloud strategy or migrating to another cloud provider?

    • Licensing
    • Authentication providers
    • Service-level agreement
    • Vendor lock-in