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CV1-003 : CompTIA Cloud+ : Part 06

  1. A vendor is installing a new retail store management application for a customer. The application license ensures software costs are low when the application is not being used, but costs go up when use is higher.

    Which of the following licensing models is MOST likely being used?

    • Socket-based
    • Core-based
    • Subscription
    • Volume-based
  2. A systems administrator swapped a failed hard drive on a server with a RAID 5 array. During the RAID resynchronization, a second hard drive failed.

    Which of the following actions will make the server fully operational?

    • Restart the RAID resynchronization process
    • Perform a P2V migration of the server
    • Swap the failed hard drive with a fresh one
    • Restore the server from backup
  3. A systems administrator has finished installing monthly updates to servers in a cloud environment. The administrator notices certain portions of the playbooks are no longer functioning. Executing the playbook commands manually on a server does not work as well. There are no other reports of issues.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

    • Change management failure
    • Service overload
    • Patching failure
    • Job validation issues
    • Deprecated features
  4. A company is doing a cloud-to-cloud migration to lower costs. A systems administrator has to plan the migration accordingly.

    Which of the following considerations is MOST important for a successful, future-proof, and low-cost migration?

    • Tier pricing
    • Licensing
    • Estimated consumption
    • Feature compatibility
  5. A software development manager is looking for a solution that will allow a team of developers to work in isolated environments that can be spun up and torn down quickly.

    Which of the following is the MOST appropriate solution?

    • Containers
    • File subscriptions
    • Ballooning
    • Software-defined storage
  6. A cloud administrator is building a new VM for machine-learning training. The developer requesting the VM has stated that the machine will need a full GPU dedicated to it.

    Which of the following configuration options would BEST meet this requirement?

    • Virtual GPU
    • External GPU
    • Passthrough GPU
    • Shared GPU
  7. A company recently experienced a power outage that lasted 30 minutes. During this time, a whole rack of servers was inaccessible, even though the servers did not lose power.

    Which of the following should be investigated FIRST?

    • Server power
    • Rack power
    • Switch power
    • SAN power
  8. A company has an in-house-developed application. The administrator wants to utilize cloud services for additional peak usage workloads. The application has a very unique stack of dependencies.

    Which of the following cloud service subscription types would BEST meet these requirements?

    • PaaS
    • SaaS
    • DBaaS
    • IaaS
  9. Users are experiencing slow response times from an intranet website that is hosted on a cloud platform. There is a site-to-site VPN connection to the cloud provider over a link of 100Mbps.

    Which of the following solutions will resolve the issue the FASTEST?

    • Change the connection to point-to-site VPN
    • Order a direct link to the provider
    • Enable quality of service
    • Upgrade the link to 200Mbps