FC0-U51 : CompTIA IT Fundamentals : Part 01

  1. Which of the following extensions identifies a video file?

    • .msi
    • .tar
    • .img
    • .mp4
  2. Which of the following file formats contain other files within them? (Select TWO).

    • tiff
    • dmg
    • png
    • mp3
    • iso
    • flac
  3. Which of the following is performed during WiFi setup on a mobile device?

    • Configuring bluetooth pairing settings
    • Configuring email settings
    • Configuring screen lock settings
    • Configuring SSID settings
  4. Which of the following is a reason that a user might upgrade a video card driver? (Select TWO).

    • To decrease the screen resolution
    • To access monitor standby mode
    • To fix an error message
    • To use additional features
    • To adjust the brightness/contrast
  5. When trying to activate the operating system, a user receives a notice that the software is not genuine. Which of the following security threats has occurred?

    • Social engineering
    • Phishing
    • Virus attack
    • License theft
  6. A user wants to purchase a CAD application that requires 8GB of RAM to operate. Which of the following operating system types is required?

    • 8-bit
    • 16-bit
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
  7. Which of the following operating systems is MOST likely to be found on a desktop where its primary functions include professional video and audio editing?

    • Chrome OS
    • Windows 7 Home
    • Mac OS X
    • iOS
  8. Which of the following is MOST likely required during installation in order to legally install software?

    • Automatic updates
    • Service level agreement
    • License key
    • Antivirus software
  9. Which of the following alternative technologies allows a computer to run multiple operating systems without partitioning the hard drive?

    • Web applications
    • Dual boot
    • Telepresence
    • Virtualization
  10. Which of the following software types allows for the creation of a single file composed of multiple subfiles, while at the same time reducing the overall size of the combined elements?

    • Database
    • Document sharing
    • Compression
    • Maintenance
  11. A user is at the office and has a cellular phone that previously functioned properly. The phone is powered on with a fully charged battery. However, the phone does not have connectivity. Which of the following describes the problem?

    • Phone is disconnected from WiFi
    • Provider is conducting system testing
    • MAC address is bad
    • Phone is in airplane mode
  12. Which of the following operating systems is very lightweight and relies heavily on Internet applications?

    • Chrome OS
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Blackberry OS
  13. Which of the following is a common characteristic of open source software?

    • Update cycles are dictated by the manufacturer
    • Modifications to core functionalities are made by the manufacturer
    • Can only run on certain manufacturer processors
    • Can be fully modified by the user
  14. Which of the following operating systems is available for free and can be modified by anyone?

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac OS
    • Chrome OS
  15. Which of the following software package types is designed to accept input from multiple users?

    • Utility
    • Operating system
    • Specialized
    • Collaborative
  16. A user learns of an operating system vulnerability that would allow a hacker to access the computer. The user would like to keep the operating system up to date to prevent such vulnerabilities from occurring. Which of the following should the user configure?

    • Additional OS features
    • Automatic updates
    • Software firewall
    • Anti-malware software
  17. Which of the following is the BEST example of productivity software?

    • Word processing software
    • Entertainment software
    • Image editing software
    • Anti-malware software
  18. Which of the following technologies allows people to communicate all over the world inexpensively?

    • Virtualization
    • SSID
    • Kinetics
    • VoIP
  19. Which of the following is a requirement to connect a smartphone to a wireless network?

    • SSID
    • SATA
    • SMTP
    • gzip
  20. A user has purchased some new software from a vendor and wants to install it on all of the Windows computers in the house. Which of the following will help the user accomplish the task and ensure compliance with the software vendor?

    • Copy and paste the program between computers.
    • Purchase a multi-user license.
    • Purchase a single-user license.
    • Use remote desktop to share the program between computers.