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FC0-U51 : CompTIA IT Fundamentals : Part 10

  1. Which of the following security threats includes suspicious activity, such as reviewing someone’s screen display without permission?

    • Malware
    • Shoulder surfing
    • Phishing
    • Password cracking
  2. A user reports an inability to access the Internet on a new SOHO router. On further investigation, a technician notices that the wireless network is not visible. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

    • SSID broadcast is disabled
    • Wireless password has changed
    • Firmware update is required
    • WPA2 is enabled
  3. Which of the following storage methods is MOST likely used in corporate settings to save large amounts of data in a secured manner?

    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
    • FTPS
    • FTP
  4. Which of the following describes the difference between open source and commercial operating systems?

    • Open source operating systems only run on desktop computers, whereas commercial operating systems run on servers.
    • Open source operating systems run on standard and non-standard hardware, whereas commercial operating systems only run on specific hardware.
    • Open source operating systems can be downloaded and used by everyone, whereas commercial operating systems can only be used by companies.
    • Open source operating systems are usually provided free of charge, whereas most commercial operating systems are usually provided at some cost.
  5. Which of the following is MOST important to ensure a computer temperature is maintained within normal limits?

    • Maintaining constant power output
    • Ensuring sufficient airflow
    • Keeping the case open
    • Turning the wireless off when not needed
  6. An employee is using a desk phone that is connected only via a network cable. Which of the following technologies is the phone using?

    • LTE
    • GSM
    • VoIP
    • CDMA
  7. Which of the following allows for hands-free operation of a wireless device?

    • Encryption
    • Wireless password
    • Bluetooth pairing
    • Internet connectivity
  8. Joe, a user, is setting up a new computer and wants to minimize the risk of a malicious software infection over the network. Which of the following should be configured on the new computer? (Select THREE).

    • Password policies
    • Multiple user accounts
    • Software firewall
    • Driver updates
    • Operating system updates
    • Anti-malware software
  9. Which of the following is the primary goal in performing a backup verification?

    • Ensure backup data can be correctly restored
    • Prove the media has sufficient space for the data
    • Configure frequency of backups
    • Adhere to legal backup storage requirements
  10. Which of the following file types is used to consolidate a group of files?

    • .rtf
    • .m3u
    • .avi
    • .rar
  11. Which of the following keys should be pressed to enable access to various menus?

    • ALT
    • SHIFT
    • TAB
    • CTRL
  12. Ann, a user, has an external monitor that will not turn on. Her laptop has activity lights and is plugged into the same power strip. Which of the following should be checked FIRST to begin troubleshooting this issue?

    • The power strip
    • The monitor video cable
    • The laptop power cable
    • The monitor power cable
  13. Which of the following methods are MOST likely used to reduce the internal temperature of a computer?

    • Install a protective cover
    • Reduce display brightness
    • Air circulation
    • Electronic recycling
    • Liquid cooling
  14. A technician is setting up a router and would like to increase the security level. Which of the following actions will achieve this?

    • Installing anti-malware on the router
    • Changing the default admin password
    • Increasing transmission power
    • Configuring multifactor logon authentication
  15. Which of the following data connections can span the FARTHEST distance?

    • WiFi
    • Dial-up
    • Satellite
    • Cable
  16. Which of the following functions can transfer a file between folders and deletes it from the original folder?

    • Edit
    • Move
    • Copy
    • Paste
  17. An end-user has 16GB of RAM installed on a computer system. Which of the following describes why the OS only uses a maximum of 4GB of RAM?

    • The operating system is 16-bit.
    • The computer has corrupted RAM.
    • The computer has a defective motherboard.
    • The operating system is 32-bit.
    • The computer has a virus.
  18. A technician just installed a new computer. Which of the following is the BEST way to manage the cables?

    • Line the cables up neatly and wrap them together with cable ties.
    • Leave the cables loose to prevent interference between wires.
    • Nail the cables to the wall.
    • Tuck the cables neatly underneath the carpet.
  19. A printer is migrated between offices. All the wires are connected properly, but the new workstation cannot find the printer. Which of the following should the technician install?

    • OS
    • Updates
    • Drivers
    • Application
  20. A user wants to run a major update on a laptop. Which of the following should be considered before running any major updates?

    • Restore folders from back up
    • Change administrator account password
    • Back up important folders
    • Print all personal documents