FC0-U61 : CompTIA IT Fundamentals : Part 02

  1. Which of the following statements BEST describes binary?

    • A notational system used to represent an “on” or “off” state
    • A notational system used to represent media access control
    • A notational system used to represent Internet protocol addressing
    • A notational system used to represent a storage unit of measurement
  2. Joe, a developer, is writing a program in which he needs to store a number that changes over the duration of the program’s run. Which of the following would Joe MOST likely use to accomplish this?

    • Loop
    • Variable
    • Constant
    • Function
  3. An end user’s computer has been failing to open its word processing software. An IT technician successfully solves the problem. Which of the following best describes the technician’s NEXT step?

    • Restart the computer.
    • Contact other users.
    • Disconnect the peripherals.
    • Document the findings.
  4. A regulation requires new applicants to provide a scan of their retinas in case of any future legal questions regarding who applied for the position. Which of the following concepts is this an example of?

    • Non-repudiation
    • Authentication
    • Integrity
    • Accounting
  5. Which of the following is an advantage of installing an application to the cloud?

    • Data is not stored locally.
    • Support is not required.
    • Service is not required.
    • Internet access is not required.
  6. A small company wants to set up a server that is accessible from the company network as well as the Internet. Which of the following is MOST important to determine before allowing employees to access the server remotely?

    • The quality of the computer used to connect
    • A security method of allowing connections
    • The employees’ home ISP speeds
    • The geographical location of the employees
  7. A program needs to choose apples, oranges, or bananas based on an input. Which of the following programming constructs is BEST to use?

    • Variable
    • If
    • Datatype
    • Comment
  8. A UPS provides protection against:

    • denial of service
    • replay attack.
    • power outages.
    • wiretapping.
  9. A company executive wants to view company training videos from a DVD. Which of the following components would accomplish this task?

    • Optical drive
    • Hard disk drive
    • Solid state drive
    • Flash drive
  10. A technician is troubleshooting a problem. The technician tests the theory and determines the theory is confirmed. Which of the following should be the technician’s NEXT step?

    • Implement the solution.
    • Document lessons learned.
    • Establish a plan of action.
    • Verify full system functionality.
  11. Given the following pseudocode:

    FC0-U61 Part 02 Q11 001
    FC0-U61 Part 02 Q11 001

    If the Breakfast program ran on Sunday, which of the following would be the output?

    • Oatmeal
    • Bacon and eggs
    • Waffles
    • Pancakes
  12. A desktop administrator just connected a printer to a workstation, but the workstation does not recognize the printer. Which of the following does the workstation MOST likely need for the printer to function?

    • Permission
    • Ink cartridge
    • USB cable
    • Driver
  13. Which of the following BEST describes a kilobyte?

    • A kilobyte is a measurement of storage (e.g., 100KB).
    • A kilobyte is a measurement of throughput (e.g.,100Kbps).
    • A kilobyte is a measurement of power (e.g., 100KW).
    • A kilobyte is a measurement of processor speed (e.g., 2.4KHz).
  14. Which of the following security concerns is a threat to confidentiality?

    • Replay attack
    • Denial of service
    • Service outage
    • Dumpster diving
  15. Which of the following software license models allows a developer to modify the original code and release its own version of the application?

    • Proprietary software
    • Commercial software
    • Open source software
    • Cross-platform software
  16. Which of the following are the basic computing operations?

    • Input, process, output, and feedback
    • Input, output, storage, and feedback
    • Input, process, and output
    • Input, process, output, and storage
  17. Which of the following would work BEST stored as a flat file rather than stored in a database?

    • Contact list
    • Movie theater locations
    • Directions to doctor’s office
    • Store inventory
  18. An administrator grants permission for a user to access data in a database. Which of the following actions was performed?

    • Data correlation
    • Data manipulation
    • Data gathering
    • Data definition
  19. An employee is asked to generate a report on a student information system. The employee uses spreadsheet software and connects to a remote database to pull data for the report. Which of the following types of application architectures did the employee use?

    • Standalone application
    • Client-server application
    • Web application
    • Cloud application
  20. Ann, a user, is experiencing difficulty getting her IP-based security camera to function at her house after a rain storm that caused a power interruption. The camera has an LED light indicating it has power. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

    • The power interruption caused the camera to malfunction.
    • Ann has a compatibility problem with the camera.
    • A firmware update needs to be applied to the camera.
    • Ann’s Internet connection and wireless router are still down.