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FC0-U61 : CompTIA IT Fundamentals : Part 05

  1. Which of the following authorization techniques is used to assign permissions and authorize a user based on job title or function?

    • Rule-based access control
    • Mandatory access control
    • Role-based access control
    • Discretionary access control
  2. A user has purchased a high-end graphics card that contains a GPU. Which of the following processes is being performed by the GPU on the graphics card?

    • Input
    • Output
    • Storage
    • Processing
  3. A company purchased a software program. The EULA states that the software can be installed on as many computers as the company wants, but only four users can be using the software at any point in time. Which of the following types of license is this an example of?

    • Group license
    • Concurrent license
    • Subscription license
    • Open-source license
  4. A user at a company visits a weather website often during the day. The user browses to the site in the afternoon and notices that the temperature listed is from the morning and is not the current temperature. The user closes the page and tries again with the same result. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

    • Proxy server
    • Browser add-on
    • Corrupted cache
    • Script blocker
  5. Which of the following application delivery mechanisms BEST describes infrastructure located in an individual organization’s datacenter?

    • Private
    • Traditional
    • Public
    • Cloud
  6. A database administrator wants to populate a database with large amounts of data from an external source. Which of the following actions should be used to get the database populated?

    • EXPORT
    • IMPORT
    • SELECT
    • ALTER
  7. Which of the following would a company consider an asset?

    • An external company used to destroy defective hard drives
    • Information residing on backup tapes
    • A company-sponsored technology conference
    • A certified third-party vendor that provides critical components
  8. A company will begin to allow staff to work from home by means of formal request. Which of the following is the BEST way for the company to document this change?

    • Written procedure
    • Written policy
    • Written email
    • Written memo
  9. A company’s team members have both old and new laptops. Which of the following connectors should be available in the conference room to ensure everyone can use the conference room projectors? (Choose two.)

    • USB
    • HDMI
    • FireWire
    • VGA
    • Bluetooth
    • RJ45
  10. A programmer uses DML to modify:

    • files
    • permissions
    • data
    • backups
  11. A technician is concerned that sensitive data transmitted over the Internet can be intercepted and viewed during a MITM attack. Which of the following should the technician enable to reduce the risk?

    • DLP
    • ACL
    • TLS
    • IPS
  12. Given the following pseudocode:

    FC0-U61 Part 05 Q12 002
    FC0-U61 Part 05 Q12 002

    Which of the following is the output of the code?

    • 1
    • 9
    • 10
    • 11
  13. A developer needs to add a table to a database. Which of the following database activities should the user perform?

    • UPDATE
    • ALTER
    • CREATE
    • REPORT
  14. Which of the following does a NoSQL database use to organize data?

    • Primary keys
    • Schemas
    • Keys/values
    • Tables
  15. A systems administrator is setting up a new server using RAID technology. If one hard drive in the array fails, the data is stored on another drive, preventing data loss. Which of the following business continuity concepts does this explain?

    • File backup
    • Data restoration
    • Fault tolerance
    • Restoring access
  16. A user needs to enter text and numbers to produce charts that demonstrate sales figures. Which of the following types of software would BEST complete this task?

    • Text editing software
    • Visual diagramming software
    • Spreadsheet software
    • Web browsing software
  17. Which of the following BEST describes the physical location of the data in the database?

    • Table
    • Column
    • RAM
    • HDD
  18. A user logs into a laptop using a username and complex password. This is an example of:

    • biometrics
    • multifactor authentication
    • least privilege
    • single-factor authentication
  19. To establish a theory of probable cause, one technician investigates network issues in the server room while another technician troubleshoots the user’s workstation. Which of the following troubleshooting methodologies is being performed?

    • Question the obvious.
    • Divide and conquer.
    • Duplicate the problem
    • Research the knowledge base.
  20. A remote user, who is working from home, requires significant bandwidth to connect to the corporate systems. Which of the following types of Internet service connections would BEST meet the user’s needs?

    • T1 line
    • Satellite
    • Fiber optic
    • DSL