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N10-007 : CompTIA Network+ : Part 04

NS – Modules 20 – 22

  1. A technician is trying to determine the IP address of a customer’s router. The customer has an IP address of Which of the following is the address of the customer’s router?

  2. A network technician is able to connect the switches between two offices, but the offices cannot communicate with each other, as each office uses a different IP addressing scheme. Which of the following devices needs to be installed between the switches to allow communication?

    • Bridge
    • Access point
    • Router
    • Range extender
  3. A network technician is working on a proposal for email migration from an on-premises email system to a vendor-hosted email in the cloud. The technician needs to explain to management what type of cloud model will be utilized with the cloud-hosted email. Which of the following cloud models should the technician identify in the proposal?

    • IaaS
    • PaaS
    • SaaS
    • MaaS
  4. Which of the following is the correct port number for NTP?

    • 25
    • 69
    • 123
    • 161
  5. A network technician is connecting two switches together. Which of the following protocols should the technician use to increase speed and fault tolerance?

    • SIP
    • BGP
    • LACP
    • LLDP
  6. A company has a web-based application that is used by many different departments. The company has experienced some overload of resources on the database server. The network administrator implements a network device in between the servers and the database. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of this device?

    • Content filtering and network analysis
    • Load balancing and providing high availability
    • Port sniffing and protocol analysis
    • Clustering and NIC teaming
  7. A technician is replacing a switch at a branch office and discovers the existing backbone cable does not fit in the new switch. The fiber patch panel has circular connections. The new switch has a transceiver that accepts a smaller square adapter of two strands. Which of the following patch cables would the technician need to complete the installation?

    • LC to SC
    • SC to ST
    • LC to ST
    • ST to ST
    • SC to SC
  8. A computer lab on a campus network was recently reconfigured using recycled network cables. One of the 24 computers in the lab is unable to connect to the network after the upgrade. A network technician successfully uses the cable in question to connect directly to another computer. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue with the cable?

    • The cable is a crossover cable
    • The cable is a rollover cable
    • The cable has bent pins
    • The cable is a Cat 5 cable
  9. Which of the following is a reason why a business may be hesitant to move sensitive data to a SaaS cloud service?

    • Decreased performance of internal network
    • Loss of full control over data resources
    • Increased malware exposure
    • Incompatibility with the current network
  10. Users have been experiencing slow network response times, and management has asked the network technician to provide evidence of network improvement. After optimizing the network, which of the following would be required?

    • IDF/MDF documentation
    • Change management
    • Performance baseline
    • Physical diagram
  11. A network technician has created a network that consists of a router, a firewall, a switch, and several PCs. Which of the following physical network topologies was created?

    • Star
    • Mesh
    • Ring
    • Bus
  12. A technician is setting up a branch office on a point-to-point connection. Which of the following IP network blocks is the MOST efficient use of IP address space for the router connections between the two sites?

    • /24
    • /25
    • /30
    • /32
  13. A technician is upgrading the firmware on an older KVM switch. The specifications call for a serial port to connect to the computer on one side, and an Ethernet jack to connect to the switch on the other side. Which of the following connectors does the technician need for this cable? (Choose two.)

    • RG-9
    • DB-9
    • RJ-11
    • DB-25
    • RJ-45
    • BNC
  14. An end-user device requires a specific IP address every time it connects to the corporate network; however, corporate policy does not allow the use of static IP addresses. Which of the following will allow the request to be fulfilled without breaking the corporate policy?

    • DHCP relay
    • DHCP exclusion
    • DHCP option
    • DHCP reservation
  15. A technician is planning a remote-access strategy to manage routers and switches on a dedicated management network. The management network is segregated from the production network and uses site-to-site VPN connections. Some of the equipment does not support encryption. Which of the following should the technician choose that all the equipment would support?

    • Telnet
    • SSL
    • SSH
    • IPSec
  16. Which of the following protocols do MOST MITM attacks utilize?

    • ARP
    • SIP
    • FTP
    • SCP
  17. An ISP technician gets a call from a business that just changed equipment but can no longer connect to the Internet. The technician checks the ARP table on the ISP switch, and there is no corresponding MAC address present. Instead, the entry is “Incomplete”. Which of the following could cause this condition?

    • VLAN mismatch
    • Duplex/Speed mismatch
    • Duplicate IP address
    • TX/RX reverse
  18. A systems administrator has recently purchased and installed a large electronic signage screen for the company’s parking garage. The screen’s management software was installed on a server with a public IP address to allow remote management. The systems administrator is now troubleshooting an issue with the screen displaying unknown, random, and inappropriate messages. Which of the following is MOST effective in resolving this issue?

    • Changing the management software’s default credentials
    • Disabling unnecessary services from the server and management software
    • Changing the management software’s default port
    • Replacing the management software’s self-signed certificate with a valid certificate
  19. A technician is investigating a server performance issue. The technician has gathered the server utilization statistics. Which of the following should the technician use to determine which statistics are not in the normal range?

    • Baseline review
    • Vulnerability scan
    • System life-cycle report
    • Archiving logs
  20. Which of the following devices, if implemented, would result in decreased administration time of an 802.11 network running centralized authentication services? (Choose two.)

    • VPN concentrator
    • Proxy server
    • Wireless controller
    • RADIUS server
    • Multilayer switch

NS – Modules 20 – 22