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N10-007 : CompTIA Network+ : Part 05

NS – Modules 20 – 22

  1. A technician must determine if a web page user’s visits are connecting to a suspicious website’s IP address in the background. Which of the following tools would provide the information on TCP connections?

    • netstat
    • tracert
    • arp
    • ipconfig
    • route
  2. An administrator is moving to a new office. There will be several network runs through the ceiling area of the office. Which of the following is the BEST to utilize in these areas?

    • Single-mode fiber-optic cabling
    • Cat 5e-rated cabling
    • Cat 6-rated cabling
    • Plenum-rated cabling
  3. A network technician receives a spool of Cat 6a cable and is asked to build several cables for a new set of Ethernet runs between devices. Which of the following tools are MOST likely needed to complete the task? (Choose three.)

    • Wire stripper
    • Cable crimper
    • RJ-11 connectors
    • RJ-45 connectors
    • Multimeter
    • Punchdown tool
    • Tone generator
  4. As part of a transition from a static to a dynamic routing protocol on an organization’s internal network, the routing protocol must support IPv4 and VLSM. Based on those requirements, which of the following should the network administrator use? (Choose two.)

    • OSPF
    • IS-IS
    • RIPv1
    • BGP
    • VRRP
  5. A telecommunications provider has just deployed a new OC-12 circuit at a customer site. While the circuit showed no errors from the provider end to the customer’s demarcation point, a network administrator is trying to determine the cause of dropped packets and errors on the circuit. Which of the following should the network administrator do to rule out any problems at Layer 1? (Choose two.)

    • Use a loopback at the demark and router, and check for a link light
    • Use an OTDR to validate the cable integrity
    • Use a pinout tester to validate the cable integrity
    • Use a multimeter to validate the cable integrity
    • Check for any devices that may be causing EMI on the cable
    • Clean the cables to be sure they are free of dust and debris
  6. A single PRI can deliver multiple voice calls simultaneously using which of the following Layer 1 technologies?

    • Time division multiplexing
    • Analog circuit switching
    • CSMA/CD
    • Time division spread spectrum
  7. A network technician is diagnosing a time-out issue generated from an end user’s web browser. The web browser issues standard HTTP get and post commands to interact with the website. Given this information, the technician would like to analyze the entire TCP handshake of the HTTP requests offline. Which of the following tools would allow the technician to view the handshake?

    • Packet analyzer
    • Port analyzer
    • SNMP traps
    • Spectrum analyzer
  8. A customer cannot access a company’s secure website. The company’s network security is reviewing the firewall for the server and finds the following output:

    N10-007 Part 05 Q08 002
    N10-007 Part 05 Q08 002

    Which of the following changes should be made to allow all customers to access the company’s secure website?

    • Allow any any 443
    • Allow any any 443
    • Allow 443 any any
    • Allow any 80
  9. Which of the following MUST be implemented to share metrics between routing protocols within the same router?

    • Routing loop
    • Routing table
    • Route redistribution
    • Dynamic routes
  10. An engineer is reviewing the implementation requirements for an upcoming project. The basic requirements identified by the customer include the following:

    – WLAN architecture supporting speeds in excess of 150 Mbps
    – Clientless remote network access
    – Port-based network access control

    Which of the following solution sets properly addresses all of the identified requirements?

    • 802.11a, IPSec VPN, 802.1x
    • 802.11ac, MPLS, 802.3
    • 802.11b, PPTP, 802.1x
    • 802.11g, MS-CHAP, 802.16
    • 802.11n, SSL-VPN, 802.1x
  11. Which of the following is used to classify network data for the purpose of providing QoS?

    • STP
    • VLANs
    • SIP
    • DSCP
  12. A network technician needs to separate a web server listening on port 80 from the internal LAN and secure the server from the public Internet. The web server should be accessible to the public Internet over port 80 but not the private LAN. Currently, the network is segmented with a network-based firewall using the following IP addressing scheme on each interface:

    N10-007 Part 05 Q12 003
    N10-007 Part 05 Q12 003

    Which of the following ones should the technician use to place the web server and which of the following firewall rules should the technician configure?

    • Place the web server in the public zone with an inbound rule from eth0 interface to accept traffic over port 80 designated to the web server
    • Place the web server in the DMZ with an inbound rule from eth0 interface to eth1 to accept traffic over port 80 designated to the web server
    • Place the web server in the private zone with an inbound rule from eth2 interface to eth1 to accept traffic over port 80 designated to the web server
    • Place the web server in the DMZ with an inbound rule from eth1 interface to eth0 to accept traffic over port 80 designated to the web server
  13. A company recently upgraded all of its printers to networked multifunction devices. Users can print to the new devices, but they would also like the ability to scan and fax files from their computers. Which of the following should the technician update to allow this functionality?

    • Device software
    • Printer drivers
    • Printer firmware
    • NIC drivers
  14. A disgruntled employee executes a man-in-the-middle attack on the company network. Layer 2 traffic destined for the gateway is redirected to the employee’s computer. This type of attack is an example of:

    • ARP cache poisoning
    • IP spoofing
    • amplified DNS attack
    • evil twin
  15. The process of attempting to exploit a weakness in a network after being given permission by the company is known as:

    • penetration testing
    • vulnerability scanning
    • reconnaissance
    • social engineering
  16. A company has contracted with an outside vendor to perform a service that will provide hardware, software, and procedures in case of a catastrophic failure of the primary datacenter. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is concerned because this contract does not include a long-term strategy for extended outages. Which of the following should the CIO complete?

    • Disaster recovery plan
    • Business continuity plan
    • Service level agreement
    • First responder training
  17. A typical cell tower will have microwave and cellular antennas. Which of the following network topologies do these represent? (Choose two.)

    • Point-to-multipoint
    • Bus
    • Point-to-point
    • Mesh
    • Peer-peer
    • Ring
  18. A network administrator has a monitoring system in place that is currently polling hundreds of network devices at regular intervals. The continuous polling is causing high CPU utilization on the server. Which of the following tasks should the administrator perform to resolve the CPU issue while maintaining full monitoring capabilities?

    • Remove SNMP polling and configure SNMP traps on each network device
    • Remove SNMP polling and implement snmpwalk on each network device
    • Upgrade SNMP to the latest version to mitigate vulnerabilities
    • Modify SNMP polling to poll only during business hours
  19. A contractor is setting up and configuring conference rooms for a convention. The contractor sets up each room in the conference center to allow wired Internet access going to individual tables. The contractor measured the distance between the hotel’s patch panel to the jack, and the distance is within Cat 5e specifications. The contractor is concerned that the room will be out of specification if cables are run in each room from the wall jacks. Which of the following actions should the contractor take to ensure the cable runs meet specifications and the network functions properly?

    • Place a switch at the hotel’s patch panel for connecting each room’s cables
    • Place a switch on each table to ensure strong connectivity
    • Place repeaters between the patch panel and the rooms
    • place a switch at the wall jack and run the cables in the room from there
  20. Users are reporting their network is extremely slow. The technician discovers pings to external host have excessive response times. However, internal pings to printers and other PCs have acceptable response times. Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT?

    • Determine if any network equipment was replaced recently
    • Verify malware has not disabled the users’ PC firewalls
    • Replace users’ network cables with known-good network cables
    • Power cycle the web server

NS – Modules 20 – 22