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N10-007 : CompTIA Network+ : Part 08

NS – Modules 20 – 22

  1. A small business developed an in-house application that is very sensitive to network latency when a communicating between servers. Due to a lack of funds, the business had to build its own network for workstations and servers. Now a network administrator must redesign the network due to performance issues with the application. Which of the following would be the MOST cost effective for the administrator to recommend?

    • Create Ethernet VLANs
    • Disable autonegotiation on the servers
    • Install 10Gb Ethernet NICs in the servers
    • Install Fibre Channel for the server network
  2. A network technician is configuring a firewall access list to secure incoming connections to an email server. The internal address of this email server is The firewall should allow external email servers to send email to the email server. The email server also supports client access via a web browser. Only secure protocols should be used, and only the necessary ports should be open. Which of the following ACL rules should be configured in the firewall’s WAN port? (Choose two.)

    • Permit
    • Permit
    • Permit
    • Permit
    • Permit
    • Permit
  3. A network administrator is testing connectivity at a new corporate site. The site has a wireless guest as well as a wired employee network. After verifying connectivity, the administrator checks link speeds by using a speed testing website. The speed testing website shows lower download and upload speeds for the wired network than the wireless network. Which of the following is the MOST likely explanation?

    • There is less local congestion on the wireless network
    • The testing server for the wired network was farther away
    • The firewall is configured to throttle traffic to specific websites
    • The wireless access points were misconfigured
  4. A technician replaces a failed router with a spare that has been in inventory for some time. After attempting to enable HTTPS on the spare router, the technician discovers the feature is unavailable. The support office was able to connect to the previous router. Which of the following actions should the technician perform to enable HTTPS access for the support team?

    • Reboot the router
    • Enable HTTP on the router
    • Update the firmware of the spare router
    • Perform a factory reset on the router
  5. A technician is trying to configure a previously owned WAP. The technician successfully logs into the administrative console and attempts to input the IP address on the WAP. However, the WAP is not accepting the command. Which of the following is causing the problem?

    • The WAP antenna is damaged
    • The WAP transmitter light is dim
    • The terminal emulation software is misconfigured
    • The LWAPP image is installed on the WAP

    Your company recently purchased a new building down the street from the existing office.


    For each of the tasks below, select the appropriate antenna type and encryption object for all wireless access point (AP).

    1. Create an encrypted wireless connection between the two buildings that BEST controls signal propagation, while maximizing security.
    2. Restrict the wireless signal generated by the access points (APs) inside Building 1, so that it minimizes broadcast beyond the building.
    3. Maximize wireless coverage inside Building 1.
    4. Building 1’s internal wireless network is for visitors only and must not require any special configuration on the visitor’s device to connect.

    If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button.

    When you have completed the simulation, select the Done button to submit.

    If you previously made any changes to the simulated environment for the question, those changes were saved and will be present when you continue.

    N10-007 Part 08 Q06 005 Question
    N10-007 Part 08 Q06 005 Question
  7. A technician has installed a Linux server in the tax office. The server can access most of the resources on the network, but it cannot connect to another server that has a share for backup. The technician learns that the target server is on a different subnet. Which of the following tools should the technician use to ensure the Linux server can reach the backup location?

    • netstat
    • traceroute
    • route
    • dig
    • ifconfig
  8. Which of the following WAN technologies provides a guaranteed throughput rate?

    • DSL
    • T-1
    • Cable broadband
    • Dial-up
  9. Which of the following is the SHORTEST way to write 2001:0000:0d58:0000:0000:0095:7565:0001 in proper IPv6 shorthand?

    • 2001::d58::95:7565:1
    • 2001:0:d58:0:0:95:7565:1
    • 2001:0:d58::95:7565:1
    • 2001:0:0d58::95:7565:1
  10. A network administrator needs to transmit traffic to geographically diverse sites to improve performance. Which of the following devices would BEST direct traffic to the remote sites?

    • Hub
    • Bridge
    • Switch
    • Router
  11. Which of the following should a technician investigate when using a network baseline to troubleshoot?

    • Tracing a network wire connectivity issue from the datacenter to a host.
    • Determining if the server performance is degraded.
    • Changes that have been made to the network configuration.
    • Location of networking equipment in a rack.
  12. A technician needs to upgrade a SOHO wireless router’s firmware. The technician resets the router to factory settings and installs the new firmware. The technician enters the DHCP information and sets the SSID. Which of the following configurations would provide the MOST protection from advance hackers?

    • Disable the broadcasting of the SSID.
    • Enable WPA2 authentication for all hosts.
    • Use private addressing for the DHCP scope.
    • Install unidirectional antennas.
  13. A technician notices clients are receiving a 169.254.x.x IP address following the upgrade of a server. Which of the following ports should the technician check on the local server firewall?

    • ports 20 and 21
    • ports 67 and 68
    • ports 80 and 443
    • port 123 and 8080
  14. Which of the following datacenter security methodologies is MOST likely to remain usable during a network outage?

    • biometric scanners
    • door locks
    • video surveillance
    • motion detectors
  15. A network technician is implementing a solution on the network to hide the workstation internal IP addresses across a WAN. Which of the following is the technician configuring?

    • QoS
    • DMZ
    • RIP
    • NAT
  16. Employees want the ability to use personal devices on the guest network while working out at the company gym. In order to meet the request, which of the following policies requires employee adherence?

    • AUP
    • SLA
    • NDA
    • MOU
  17. Which of the following BEST describes the BGP routing protocol?

    • distance vector
    • hybrid
    • static
    • link state
  18. A customer is reporting difficulty connecting some devices after replacing a wireless router with a new wireless 802.11ac router. The SSID, encryption and password are the same as the previous router. A technician goes on-site and notices the devices that are no longer connecting appear to be several years ago. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

    • the password needs to be re-entered.
    • there is a security type mismatch.
    • there is insufficient antenna power.
    • there is a frequency mismatch.
    • the channel has changed.
  19. Multiple users are reporting that they are unable to access the network. The ENTIRE network is shown in the diagram. PCs are not statically assigned IP addresses. The following devices will display settings:

    – WorkstationA
    – WorkstationB
    – WorkstationC
    – WorkstationD
    – WorkstationE
    – WorkstationF
    – WorkstationG
    – Laptop1
    – Laptop2
    – DHCP server1
    – DHCP server2

    Review the settings and select the box in the diagram that identifies the device causing the issue. Only one device can be selected at a time.

    After checking the device that is causing the issue, select the second tab in the lower left hand corner. Identify the reason as to why some users are unable to access the network.


    When the simulation is complete, select the Done button to submit.

    Part 1

    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 006
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 006
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 007
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 007
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 008
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 008
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 009
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 009
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 010
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 010
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 011
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 011
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 012
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 012
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 013
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 013
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 014
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 014
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 015
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 015
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 016
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 016
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 017
    N10-007 Part 08 Q19 017

    Part 2

    Identify the reason as to why some users are unable to access the network.

    • Workstation(s) are plugged into switch ports configured with half duplex.
    • The site-to-site router was configured with the incorrect ACL.
    • DHCP server scope is full and is not providing IP addresses.
    • WAN and LAN ports are reversed on the router.
    • STP has disabled some of the ports on the switch.
    • The NIC driver is not installed.
    • A wireless client is unable to associate to the AP.
  20. Which of the following should be performed to verify that unnecessary services are disabled on all switches in an environment?

    • Packet capturing
    • Port scanning
    • Log scanning
    • Baseline review

NS – Modules 20 – 22