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N10-007 : CompTIA Network+ : Part 11

NS – Modules 20 – 22

  1. A junior network technician is working in the field and needs to connect to the company’s remote server, however, doing so will require the junior technician to use the public Internet. Because security is a concern, which of the following is the BEST method to use?

    • Telnet
    • SSH
    • SFTP
    • VNC
  2. A home user has purchased a new smart TV to stream online video services. The smart TV is unable to connect to the wireless network after several attempts. After returning from vacation, the home user tries again and can connect the TV to the wireless network. However, the user notices a laptop is no longer able to connect to the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

    • The DHCP scope has been exhausted.
    • The security passcode has been changed.
    • The SSID is hidden.
    • The AP configuration was reset.
  3. A security guard notices an authorized individual, who is dressed like a lab technician, has entered a secure area of the hospital with a large group. Which of the following security attacks is taking place?

    • Evil twin
    • Social engineering
    • Insider threat
    • Phishing
  4. Which of the following DNS record types allows IPv6 records to be resolved to DNS names?

    • PTR
    • A
    • AAAA
    • SRV
  5. A network technician has recently installed new VoIP phones at all employee’s desks to support a new SIP cloud VoIP solution. However, the technician is unable to make a call from the device after testing. Which of the following should the technician verify? (Choose two.)

    • TCP 443 is allowed.
    • UDP 1720 is allowed.
    • UDP 5060 is allowed.
    • UDP 5061 is allowed.
    • TCP 8080 is allowed.
    • TCP 8181 is allowed.
  6. Which of the following would allow a network technician to access files on a remote system? (Choose two.)

    • FTP
    • TFTP
    • VLSM
    • SIP
    • SMTP
    • IMAP
  7. Which of the following provides two-factor authentication?

    • Username + password
    • Smart card + PIN
    • Fingerprint + retina scan
    • Key fob + ID card
  8. A technician set up a new SOHO network recently. The installed router has four Ethernet ports, however, the customer has seven devices that need wired connections. Which of the following should the technician do to BEST meet the customer’s requirements?

    • Install a six-port switch.
    • Configure port forwarding on the router.
    • Install WAPs near the devices.
    • Configure the switchports as EtherChannel ports.
  9. A technician is performing a maintenance task on a weekly basis and wants to ensure the task is properly documented and able to be performed by other technicians. Which of the following types of documentation should the technician complete?

    • Standard operating procedure
    • Work order
    • Performance baseline
    • Logical diagram
    • Change management
  10. A company is allowing its employees to use their personal computers, tablets, and IoT devices while at work. However, there are rules and guidelines to which employees must adhere. Which of the following documents applies to these employees?

    • NDA
    • SOP
    • BYOD
    • SLA
  11. Which of the following are characteristics of jumbo frames? (Choose two.)

    • Commonly used on SAN
    • MTU size greater than 1500
    • MTU size greater than 10000
    • Commonly used on IaaS
    • MTU size greater than 12000
  12. A network administrator gets a call regarding intermittent network outages across the country. Which of the following should be used to connect to the network so the administrator can troubleshoot this issue from home? (Choose two.)

    • FTP
    • SMTP
    • VPN
    • SSH
    • SNMP
  13. A network technician downloaded new firmware for the company firewall. Which of the following should the network technician verify to ensure the downloaded file is correct and complete?

    • File hash
    • File date
    • File type
    • File size
  14. A technician is troubleshooting network connectivity issues with a remote host. Which of the following tools would BEST inform the technician of nodes between the client and the remote host? (Choose two.)

    • tracert
    • ping
    • tcpdump
    • pathping
    • netstat
    • nslookup
    • route
  15. Which of the following will listen on the line to ensure there is no traffic transmitting and implement a back-off timer if a collision occurs?

    • CSMA/CD
    • CSMA/CA
    • MPLS
    • OSPF
  16. A network technician receives a call from a branch office about a problem with its wireless connectivity. The user states the office is hosting a large meeting that includes some online training with local businesses. The guest users have all brought devices to connect to the guest network at the branch office. All users are connected to a single WAP and are reporting that connections keep dropping and network spends are unusable. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

    • DHCP exhaustion
    • Channel overlapping
    • Interference
    • Overcapacity
  17. Which of the following BEST describes an exploit?

    • A router with default credentials
    • An open mail relay server
    • An SNMPv1 private community
    • A privilege escalation script
  18. A server in a LAN was configured to act as a gateway between all company computers and an external network. Which of the following networking devices offers the ability to increase both performance and security?

    • Load balancer
    • IDS
    • Proxy server
    • Wireless controller
  19. A technician is setting up VoIP phones on a wireless network. Users report that calls are choppy and sometimes dropped. The technician has measured two characteristics using simple command-line tools that verify the problem. Which of the following characteristics did the technician measure? (Choose two.)

    • Reflection
    • Latency
    • Interference
    • Packet loss
    • Signal-to-noise ratio
    • Attenuation
  20. Which of the following ports should a network technician open on a firewall to back up the configuration and operating system files of a router to a remote server using the FASTEST method possible?

    • UDP port 22
    • TCP port 22
    • TCP port 25
    • UDP port 53
    • UDP port 69

NS – Modules 20 – 22