N10-007 : CompTIA Network+ : Part 26

NS – Modules 20 – 22

  1. Company policy dictates that full backups are taken every Sunday evening, and incremental backups occur Monday through Saturday in the evening. If data loss were to occur on a Thursday before the backup window, which of the following is the number of backup sets that would be needed to retrieve the lost data come Friday morning?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
  2. A network technician is setting up a new web server on the company network. One of the requirements for the web server is to ensure the end users can securely authenticate to the application to perform their job duties. Which of the following ports should the network technician request from the firewall team to comply with this requirement?

    • 22
    • 69
    • 80
    • 389
    • 443
  3. The network team at a university, which has on-campus residences, recently expanded the WiFi offerings to the dormitories. Each dormitory houses approximately 75 students, who each have multiple wireless devices. The WLAN utilizes an intelligent wireless controller for configuration and management. While the WiFi in academic buildings continues to receive few to no complaints, dormitory complaints are on the rise. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the complaints?

    • Frequency mismatch
    • Crosstalk
    • Interference
    • Channel overlap
  4. A company’s server-naming convention is overly complicated. The systems administrator wants to change the naming convention to make it easier for users to remember which hosts they should log into. However, renaming servers is complicated and requires some downtime. Which of the following DNS record types would accomplish this goal without requiring servers to be renamed?

    • TXT
    • A
    • SRV
    • CNAME
  5. A network technician is working on a way to set up a new branch office securely. The network manager confirms the company does not have any plans to expand to any other new sites and wants to implement the most cost-effective solution. Which of the following would be the BEST type of VPN to implement?

    • Client-to-site VPN
    • DMVPN
    • Site-to-site VPN
    • MPLS VPN
  6. A network administrator has noticed many systems on the network have traffic that is anomalous and may be part of a botnet. The administrator wants to implement an access control method that requires a computer to have antivirus software installed before being granted network access. Which of the following should the administrator deploy?

    • 802.1X
    • Captive portal
    • Port security
    • NAC
  7. A network technician is reviewing the following output from a router:

    N10-007 Part 26 Q07 028
    N10-007 Part 26 Q07 028

    Which of the following is this an example of?

    • A vulnerability scan
    • A port scan
    • A traffic log
    • A packet capture
  8. A user claims to have no Internet access but can access local resources. A technician determines the issue is with a configuration because a ping to a working public website shows a response that starts with:

    Ping request could not find host

    Which of the following is the MOST likely misconfiguration?

    • Incorrect netmask
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • SSL certificate
  9. A network engineer wants to implement a technology that allows for an all-in-one approach to incoming and outgoing traffic from the Internet. This device should be able to filter content and scan for malicious information in each packet. Which of the following types of devices would be necessary?

    • UTM appliance
    • IDS appliance
    • Proxy server
    • RADIUS server
  10. Which of the following technologies allows network traffic to come into the network on a certain port and go to a destination server with a different port?

    • Spanning port
    • Port forwarding
    • Port mirroring
    • Port tagging
  11. An attacker has inserted a hub into a trunk link on the local network in an attempt to access the management subnet to attack the networking devices. Which of the following attacks can be used on a trunk link to provide access to the management subnet?

    • Brute force
    • VLAN hopping
    • Evil twin
    • DNS poisoning
  12. A developer has asked a network engineer for a small network segment of five computers connected via a Layer 1 device, configured in a star topology, and segregated from the corporate network. Which of the following would BEST fulfill the developer’s request?

    • Connect the five PCs to a hub that is not connected to the corporate network.
    • Connect the five PCs to a switching router and assign the PCs to a separate VLAN.
    • Connect the five PCs to a hardware firewall that is connected to the router.
    • Connect the five PCs to a switch and configure the ports with implicit deny ACLs for outbound traffic.
  13. A network engineer wants to change how employees authenticate to the wireless network. Rather than providing a pre-shared key, the engineer wants employees to be able to authenticate with the same unique company user ID and password they use for accessing other services, such as email and document sharing. The engineer also wants to receive daily reports of login attempts on the wireless network. Which of the following should be installed to achieve this goal?

    • LDAP server
    • UTM appliance
    • Multilayer switch
    • AAA/RADIUS server
  14. Which of the following provides information about how often some devices fail so the IT department can take proactive measures?

    • MTBF
    • MTTR
    • SLA
    • UPS
  15. Which of the following additional capabilities does a next generation firewall provide beyond a standard network firewall? (Choose two.)

    • Application control
    • User identification
    • Network address translation
    • Virtual private networking
    • High availability
    • Access control rules
  16. First thing on Monday morning, after a maintenance weekend, the help desk receives many calls that no one can access the Internet. Which of the following types of documentation should the on-call network administrator consult FIRST?

    • Firewall configuration documentation
    • Change management documentation
    • Network performance baseline
    • Logical diagram
  17. A network team at a large company has received funding for a WiFi refresh. One of the requirements in the RFP is the new WLAN infrastructure must provide APs that support multiple streams of information at the same time. For which of the following WiFi features is the network team looking?

    • MU-MIMO
    • MIMO
    • Channel bonding
    • TDM
    • Automatic channel selection
  18. Multiple users are experiencing slow performance when downloading large files from a specific site. Which of the following should the technician do to check the connection to the external site?

    • Check the latency by running a continuous ping to the site.
    • Perform the ipconfig/flushdns command on the affected users’ PCs.
    • Run a speedtest from a user’s PC to a site on the Internet.
    • Verify if there is MTU mismatch in the path to the site.
  19. A user has reported an issue with wireless VoIP phones dropping calls during business hours. When working late or in the evenings, the user does not experience call drops. When the network technician investigates the issue, all WAPs have balanced the number of connections evenly and are not dropping off the network. The network technician connects to the wireless network in the user’s office and starts a continuous ping to an external server. The results show a drastic and varied response time for each packet. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the dropped calls?

    • No QoS configured on the network
    • Signal-to-noise ratio
    • Interference from the microwave in the breakroom
    • Rogue AP installed in the office
  20. Which of the following components can be used to manage network traffic to all nodes in a hypervisor?

    • Virtual switch
    • Virtual NIC
    • Media converter
    • Load balancer
    • Multilayer switch

NS – Modules 20 – 22