N10-007 : CompTIA Network+ : Part 30

NS – Modules 20 – 22

  1. A technician purchasing equipment for a company has determined that several new employees will require new wired workstations. Which of the following is the network technician likely to recommend to add the employees to the existing infrastructure?

    • Bridge
    • WAP
    • Hub
    • Switch
  2. Which of the following would be BEST for continually monitoring and alerting of possible attacks on a network?

    • Conducting daily vulnerability scans
    • Performing daily port scans
    • Utilizing a protocol analyzer
    • Using a SIEM
    • Reviewing daily logs
  3. A home user has contacted the help desk to transfer files from an old smartphone to a new one. The help desk analyst informs the home user this can be completed using Bluetooth. Which of the following types of topologies is this called?

    • PAN
    • LAN
    • SAN
    • WAN
  4. A technician installed a new fiber optic cable to connect two sites. Although there is a link light on the port at each site, the customer reports traffic is dropping intermittently. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to troubleshoot the issue?

    • Check the interfaces for CRC errors.
    • Check for a VLAN mismatch.
    • Check for a TX/RX reverse on the connector.
    • Check that the pinout is correct.
  5. A new technician has been tasked with checking the status of a switchport. The technician needs to find the information quickly without the use of command-line utilities. Which of the following remote management methods would help the technician?

    • SSH
    • VNC
    • RDP
    • HTTPS
  6. Which of the following manages the delegation of physical equipment to the virtual components?

    • Virtual router
    • Hypervisor
    • Virtual switch
    • Network card
  7. Some users are reporting a high response time to access network resources after a new network router was installed. Which of the following documents should be updated every time a change is implemented on the network to have information about the metrics that represents how the network behaves during the normal scenarios?

    • Logical diagram
    • Performance baseline
    • Change management documentation
    • IDF/MDF documentation
  8. A new DSL circuit was installed to replace the cable service and is not functioning. A network administrator needs to create a cable to connect the circuit. Which of the following connector types should the network administrator use on the cable?

    • RJ11
    • RJ45
    • DB-25
    • BNC
  9. Ann, a network technician, has relocated a rack that contains the networking and server equipment from the third floor to the sixth floor. To connect the rack-mounted router to the media converter in the first-floor MDF, she extended the length of the original 197ft (60m) Cat5e cable to 395ft (120m) by attaching another 197ft (60m) cable with an RJ45 coupler. After the move, users report intermittent connectivity to external websites, although connectivity to internal hosts has not changed. Which of the following is a network performance issue that is MOST likely causing this issue?

    • Attenuation
    • Jitter
    • Crosstalk
    • Transceiver mismatch
  10. A company will be hosting a large workshop for local business leaders, and management wants to provide an easy-to-connect-to guest wireless network for them to access while on site. The network will be disabled after the workshop. The current wireless network has the option to enable a segmented guest network that has not been implemented. Which of the following authentication methods should be used to make the network EASIEST for guests to access?

    • Pre-shared key
    • Open
    • EAP-TLS
    • WPA2
  11. Which of the following allows for file-level network storage?

    • SAN
    • iSCSI
    • FCoE
    • NAS
  12. A network technician needs to upgrade a production Windows server to the latest service pack. In which of the following should the work plan and recovery procedure be documented?

    • IDF/MDF
    • Change management
    • SOPs
    • Inventory management
  13. A corporation has been the target of hackers who exploited TCP port 80. The network administrator is tasked with securing connections to the web server. Which of the following protocols should be implemented to BEST secure the web server? (Choose two.)

    • HTTPS
    • SSH
    • TLS
    • VNC
    • RDP
    • SFTP
  14. A network technician is installing a wireless solution. The solution needs to support new and legacy wireless network clients at the maximum possible speed. Which of the following wireless standards should the technician install?

    • 802.11a
    • 802.11ac
    • 802.11b
    • 802.11g
    • 802.11n
  15. A network technician needs to create separate networks for several classrooms and administrative offices. They have been provided with the network address They will need five classrooms of 25 hosts, two classrooms of 14 hosts, six admin hosts on the network, and three subnets for router connections. Which of the following IP concepts would need to be deployed?

    • VLSM
    • Class B private network
    • EUI-64
    • IPv6
  16. Which of the following components acts as an intermediary device between the internal user’s PC and external web servers to provide caching services that save on Internet bandwidth resources?

    • Firewall
    • Proxy server
    • IDS
    • Load balancer
  17. Which of the following should a network administrator deploy to control all preventive security measures?

    • UTM
    • Firewall
    • IDS
    • Proxy
  18. Which of the following steps is a network technician MOST likely to take to secure a new network printer? (Choose two.)

    • Change the default credentials.
    • Disable unnecessary services.
    • Secure the physical access.
    • Generate new encryption keys.
    • Enable HTTPS access.
    • Turn on WPS.
  19. A network administrator is deploying a new switch in an existing IDF. The current switch has only copper Ethernet ports available to use for the trunk ports. Which of the following cable types should the network administrator deploy?

    • Straight-through
    • Console
    • Rollover
    • Crossover
  20. A switch is being configured for installation into a new building. The network design is such that the only DHCP server resides in the datacenter. A traditional three-layer network hierarchy is being used, and all buildings have a Layer 3 connection back to the core. Which of the following should the technician configure to get DHCP working properly in the new building?

    • The SMTP relays in the datacenter
    • The MAC address reservations
    • The IP helper address on the switch
    • The ARP forwarding on the switch

NS – Modules 20 – 22

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