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N10-007 : CompTIA Network+ : Part 34

NS – Modules 20 – 22

  1. A network administrator discovered a rogue access point was sending a signal from inside the corporate headquarters. Which of the following would prevent the access point from providing access to the company’s internal network?

    • Disabling unnecessary services
    • Placing unused ports in a separate VLAN
    • Enabling BPDU guard
    • Configuring a geofence at the corporate boundary
  2. A network technician is reviewing network logs and notices about 30,000 different hosts have been trying to hit the company employees’ database server for the past week. However, none of the hosts are known to the network. Which of the following is MOST likely occurring within the network?

    • ARP poisoning
    • Brute forcing
    • SQL injection
    • Distributed DoS
  3. To which of the following does a BYOD policy pertain?

    • Confidentiality of company information
    • Employment of ex-staff by a company’s competitors
    • Use of company assets and resources
    • Use of personal equipment on the company network
  4. A network technician is preparing for an upcoming department expansion project and is reviewing the standard on private IP addressing. Which of the following IP addresses fall into these address ranges? (Choose two.)

  5. A network engineer is adding a switch uplink to an existing IDF. Upon inspection, the engineer finds that there are only two strands of single-mode fiber in the IDF, and both strands are in use. Which of the following solutions should the engineer use to provide an additional switch uplink without installing new fiber optic cabling?

    • Install bidirectional transceivers.
    • Install SFP+ transceivers.
    • Install media converters.
    • Install duplex transceivers.
  6. Which of the following DHCP settings defines the range of dynamic IP addresses?

    • Exclusions
    • Pool
    • Reservations
    • Scope options
  7. A technician has designed a LAN with redundant switches. Which of the following should be configured to ensure network availability?

    • VLAN
    • Scope options
    • Spanning tree
    • Flood guard
  8. Which of the following devices acts as a multiport repeater at the physical layer of the OSI model?

    • Switch
    • Bridge
    • Hub
    • Transceiver
  9. A network technician is installing a network printer in a factory setting. The connection from the switch contains an LC connector, yet the printer only supports an RJ45 connector. Which of the following should the technician use?

    • Range extender
    • Media converter
    • Multilayer switch
    • Load balancer
  10. A network technician is investigating why a user cannot print to the network printer. The technician wants to determine if anything has changed. Which of the following actions would be the BEST example of this troubleshooting step?

    • Attempt to log in from another computer with the user’s credentials.
    • Log into the switch and reconfigure the printer port.
    • Review the maintenance logs from the night before.
    • Reinstall print drivers on the user’s machine.
  11. Which of the following can be used to enable and translate the communication between legacy non-IP phone systems with solutions for voice communications that can run over the Internet?

    • Media converter
    • RTP
    • ISDN service
    • VoIP gateway
    • SIP trunk
  12. A host has an IP address of and is on the subnet. Which of the following is a correct subnet mask of the host?

  13. Which of the following relies on metrics such as total number of connections or CPU/RAM usage to help maintain performance and availability?

    • Round robin
    • Distributed file system
    • NIC teaming
    • Load balancing
  14. A network technician is running copper cable from a core switch to a network closet that is approximately 574ft (175m) away. Which of the following should the technician use to accomplish this?

    • Bridge
    • Hub
    • Patch panel
    • Load balancer
  15. Joe, an employee, wants to copy text from a message on his corporate email account to a new message on his personal email account. However, the copy and paste functions of the clipboard are grayed out and unavailable. Which of the following policies would be responsible for this behavior?

    • Remote access policy
    • Licensing policy
    • BYOD policy
    • DLP policy
  16. A network administrator has been experiencing slow performance and file errors when attempting to utilize server utilities. The administrator needs to ensure the system files on the server have not been modified. Which of the following should be used to ensure the server files have not been compromised?

    • Performance baseline
    • File hash
    • Iptables
    • tcpdump
  17. A network technician is helping to install 50 Cat6a drops from users’ computers into an IDF. Which of the following is the termination point at the IDF?

    • A breakout box
    • A 66 block
    • A 110 block
    • A patch panel
  18. Which of the following would MOST likely provide continuous power during a short brownout?

    • Uninterruptible power supply
    • Hot site
    • Cold site
    • Generator
    • Redundant power supplies
  19. A network analyzer captures traffic from a host that is sending 802.1q traffic to a Layer 3 switch. Which of the following attacks is occurring?

    • MITM
    • VLAN hopping
    • ARP poisoning
    • Spoofing
  20. A network administrator needs to install a new 6U switch in the third-floor IDF. Which of the following should the administrator consult to make sure space is available?

    • Network baseline documentation
    • Rack diagram
    • Inventory management documentation
    • Logical diagram

NS – Modules 20 – 22